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Examples of "vinzenz"
Born in Rain am Lech, Vinzenz was the youngest brother of Franz Lachner, also a composer and conductor. The elder Lachner was known as a close friend of composer Franz Schubert. As a composer Vinzenz was essentially self-taught. He was first educated by his father Anton Lachner, the municipal organist. After Anton's death, Vinzenz was schooled in Augsburg.
The specific name "gredleri" is in honor of Vinzenz Maria Gredler.
Vinzenz Eduard Milde (1777, in Brünn, Moravia – 1853 at Vienna) was
Vinzenz Fux (Vincenzio Fuxio), (c.1606–1659) was an Austrian musician and composer.
edited with Vinzenz Czech and Bert Becker, "Preussen, Deutschland und Europa 1701-2001" (Groningen, 2003)
Vinzenz is a given name. Notable people with the name include:
Vinzenz Brinkmann (born 1958 in Göttingen) is a German classical archaeologist.
Vinzenz Geiger (born 24 July 1997) is a German Nordic combined skier.
Vinzenz Lausmann Memorial State Natural Area lies within the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area.
Since 1991, Johannes Stecher is the choir's art director. Martin Pleyer and Vinzenz Arnold are in charge of organizational matters.
Vinzenz Dittrich (23 February 1893 - 25 January 1965) was an Austrian football (soccer) player in defender role and manager.
Vinzenz Lachner (also spelled Vincenz) (19 July 1811 – 22 January 1893) was a German composer and conductor.
Vinzenz Lachner retired as court conductor in 1873. He settled afterwards in Karlsruhe, where he continued to teach.
Vinzenz Fischer (1729–1810) was a historical painter and professor of architecture at the Academy of Vienna,
Vinzenz Maria Gredler (30 September 1823 in Telfs near Innsbruck – 4 May 1912 in Bozen) was an Austrian naturalist.
Martin Vinzenz Baldur Paul Maria (Martin) van Hees (born 26 July 1964, Beilen) is a Dutch philosopher.
The of the park were donated to the state of Oregon by the family of Vinzenz Lausmann, and named in his memory.
Vinzenz Guggenberger (March 21, 1929 – July 4, 2012) was the Roman Catholic titular bishop of Abziri and auxiliary bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Regensburg, Germany.
Instinctively conservative in his tastes, Lachner stood out publicly against the cult of Richard Wagner, but the formation of a Wagner Association in Mannheim at the beginning of the 1870s was the beginning of the end for his career. Wagner himself came to conduct in Mannheim. Having already engineered the removal of Franz Lachner from Munich, Wagner campaigned for Vinzenz Lachner to be retired. (Vinzenz, to Wagner's rage, had conducted Wagner's opera "The Flying Dutchman" in a mutilated version.)
Louise Gretchen Kink was born on April 8, 1908 in Zurich, Switzerland to storekeeper Anton Kink and his wife, Luise Heilmann. In 1912, the Kinks decided to immigrate to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, along with Anton's brother, Vinzenz, and sister, Maria.