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Examples of "violoncellist"
John Crosdill (1751–1825) was an English musician, violoncellist and violist.
Josef Krečmer (born in 1958 in Vysoké Mýto, Czech republic) is a Czech Violoncellist.
Michael Sanderling (born 21 February 1967 in Berlin) is a German conductor and violoncellist.
Friedrich August Kummer (5 August 1797 – 22 August 1879), born in Meiningen, Germany, was a violoncellist, pedagogue, and composer.
Heinrich Grünfeld (21 April 1855, Prague – 26 August 1931, Berlin) was a Bohemian-Austrian violoncellist; a brother of Alfred Grünfeld.
Peter Gilles was a violoncellist and one of the first American Composers He was a founding member of the Musical Fund Society.
Kummer became an acclaimed performer and in 1850 he was appointed as the principal violoncellist at the court chapel after Dotzauer retired. Kummer himself retired in 1864.
Marek Štryncl is a Czech conductor, violoncellist, choirmaster, and composer, born 1974 in Jablonec nad Nisou. He is founder and leader of Baroque music ensemble Musica Florea.
Prominent Lithuanian musicians who have attributed their achievements in part to studies under Nadezhda Dukstulskaite include the opera singer , violoncellist Valentinas Kaplūnas, pianists and , and violinist .
Laurent Pardo (16 August 1961 – 5 November 2016) was a French bass guitarist, violoncellist, and background singer. He was best known for playing in the rock band of American singer Elliott Murphy.
In 1814 he was admitted into the Dresden chapel as an oboist, since there were no violoncello vacancies. In the same year Carl Maria von Weber appointed Kummer as a violoncellist at the Royal Opera House.
He was a good musician; he composed several pretty airs, and was a fair violoncellist. His lack of tact saw him become embroiled in several disputes, for example with Owen Connellan.
George Schetky (June 1, 1776 – 1831) was an American composer. Schetky was a violoncellist, music teacher, conductor, and one of the first American composers. He was also a music publisher with Benjamin Carr as his partner.
Lucas was born in Salisbury where he received his first musical education as a chorister at the Cathedral. He then attended the newly formed Royal Academy of Music in London where he studied under the celebrated cellist Robert Lindley. In 1830 he was appointed Composer and Violoncellist to Queen Adelaide, and became the Organist of St. George's Chapel. In 1832 he was appointed Orchestra Conductor at the Royal Academy of Music, and in 1859 succeeded Cipriani Potter as its Principal. He succeeded his teacher Lindley as first Violoncellist in the Italian Opera.
Joseph Abaco (full name Joseph (Giuseppe) Marie Clément Ferdinand dall'Abaco) (27 March 171031 August 1805) was an Italian violoncellist and composer. He was born and baptised in Brussels, then capital of the Spanish Netherlands, on 27 March 1710, and was musically trained by his father, Evaristo Felice dall'Abaco.
Simple Pleasures is an album by American banjoist Alison Brown, released in 1990. Produced by David Grisman and recorded with his David Grisman Quintet plus such stars as Mike Marshall, Alison Krauss and Turtle Island String Quartet violoncellist Mark Summer, this jazzy album delivers a hybrid-string sound with all tracks exclusively written by Alison Brown.
In 2013, to commemorate ABS music director Jeffrey Thomas’s 25-year tenure of inspired leadership, ABS created The Jeffrey Thomas Award to honor, recognize, and encourage exceptionally gifted emerging professionals in the field of early music. Past recipients of the award include tenor Guy Cutting (2013), violoncellist Gretchen Claassen (2014), violinist Tatiana Chulochnikova (2015).
Crosdill was the principal cellist for the Three Choirs Festival, each year from 1769, (except 1778) and was principal violoncellist for the Concerts of Ancient Music from its establishment in 1776 until his retirement. On March 10, 1778 Crosdill became violist in the Chapel Royal.
Reinagle was a very able violoncellist, and enjoyed a wide popularity. Nathaniel Gow was one of his Edinburgh pupils. He composed a good deal of music for violin, violoncello, and pianoforte, and wrote a "Concise Introduction to the Art of playing the Violoncello" (London, 1830), which went through four editions.
Crosdill made his first public appearance as a violoncellist at age nine when Emanuel Siprutini(1730–1790), his probable teacher, presented him in a duo. He was accepted into the Royal Society of Musicians in 1768, at the age of seventeen.