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Examples of "vipp"
Xerox markets an Interactive Development Environment for VIPP called FreeFlow VI Designer. and FreeFlow VIPP Pro Publisher. These help a programmer code applications rapidly in VIPP. FreeFlow VIPP Pro Publisher is a plugin to the popular Adobe InDesign product enabling WYSIWYG VIPP development.
Twenty years of thoroughly testing the VIPP and VIPP-SD programs in randomized trials in various at-risk and clinical groups have demonstrated its efficacy in improving positive parenting skills: The combined effect size on parenting sensitivity is substantial. Separate modules have been developed for use with home-based and centre-based child care (VIPP-CC), Turkish-Dutch families (VIPP-TM), and families with a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (VIPP-AUTI).
VIPP is a 1966 TV play by Pat Flower broadcast by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
VIPP is licensed to specific printer controllers running a Solaris or Microsoft Windows operating system, including some PostScript capable office devices that have non-volatile memory (such as a hard disk). VIPP is capable of being installed on any device which has a PostScript interpreter. FreeFlow Print Server (FFPS), formerly DocuSP is VIPP enabled but is limited in producing up to 200 pages until appropriately licensed.
The concert hall is located in the former Hertz Book Publishing House from 1901. The complex also houses the design company VIPP.
Developed and evaluated by Juffer, Bakermans-Kranenburg and Van IJzendoorn, this collection of interventions aim to promote maternal sensitivity through the review of taped infant–parent interactions and written materials. The programme can also be expanded to include the parents internal working models (VIPP-R) and/or sensitive disciplinary practices (VIPP-SD). Findings from randomized controlled trials are mixed but overall supportive of efficacy, particularly for "highly reactive infants" and in reducing later externalising behaviours. The various versions show promise but research continues.
More recently other video feedback interventions have been developed, including Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP), a particular application of VIG, and Video-feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD).
Variable Data Intelligent Postscript Printware is an open language from Xerox that enables highest-performance output of variable-data PostScript documents. It is used by the FreeFlow VI Suite (VIPP) front end.
VIPP can be used in four different modes: Database mode, Line mode, XML mode and Native mode. In Database mode, the programmer can quickly implement a printing solution, for example a billing application, for a delimited database file. In Line mode, an existing print application can be enhanced with form overlays, font selection, color and other features offered by modern laser printers. In XML mode, an XML file can be turned into a readable document. In all modes, VIPP offers conditional logic manipulation of the data.
He is married to Jette Egelund which is second generation in the company Vipp and it is in the company's buildings on Islands Brygge that he has established Denmark's first private concert hall for classical chamber music, Mogens Dahl Concert Hall, which is celebrated with the P2 price from Denmark's Radio.
Together with Femmie Juffer and Marian Bakermans-Kranenburg, Van IJzendoorn developed and tested In the Video Intervention to promote Positive Parenting (VIPP) program Video feedback provides the opportunity to focus on the infant's videotaped signals and expressions, thereby stimulating the parent's observational skills and empathy for his/her child. It also enables positive reinforcement of the parent's moments of sensitive behaviour shown on the videotape. In the Video Intervention to promote Positive Parenting-Sensitive Discipline] (VIPP-SD) thematic discussions about limit setting issues are included, based on Patterson's ideas about coercive cycles (see: Morality throughout the Life Span), in order to support parents of ‘terrible two's and three's' to deal with discipline in a consistent and warm manner.
For example, to merge a graphic form with the data stream requires an understanding of PostScript commands according to the Adobe PostScript Language Reference Manual (PLRM, otherwise known as the "Red book"). Xerox gives you this feature through this simple command "("formname") SETFORM", where "formname" is the name of the form accessible from the Xerox printer controller (DocuSP or FreeFlow Print Server). Several VIPP commands are identical to PostScript commands.
It is possible she was accused because of her sister and her friend. Her sister, Brita, had been accused of sorcery twice before, and her friend, Anna Månsdotter was called "Vipp-upp-med-näsan" ("Up-with-the-nose") because of her provocative confidence, disregard of gossip and public opinion, and her business selling medicines to wealthy people. Anna Månsdotter also had taught Anna Zippel's daughters to sew.
VIPP was originally written by couple of Xerox systems Analysts in Switzerland to enable the highest speed Postscript printers, at that time 50 pages per minute, to have the features of Xerox's proprietary production printing languages PDL and FDL which provide simple variable data printing. Xerox Corporation adopted the idea and developed their work by putting these procedures on Sun Microsystems hosts where the Adobe interpreter also resides. Together, these modules give complete control over the printing engine and data stream.
For example, a multi-page bill could be printed in duplex (two-sided) mode with the first page selected from a paper tray loaded with a perforated sheet for remittance return, and the back side printed with disclosures and instructions, while subsequent pages of billing detail are printed on plain paper. The VIPP programmer might even insert an OCR or MICR line for remittance processing, complete with a check digit.
The length and cost of the VIG training that AVIGuk provides has been criticised, on the grounds that this limits scalability and prevents wider use of VIG. This is shown in the emergence of similar video feedback interventions with much shorter training, such as Video Enhanced Reflective Practice (VERP), a particular application of VIG, and Video-feedback Intervention to Promote Positive Parenting and Sensitive Discipline (VIPP-SD),
VIPP was originally called XGF and it is simply groups of PostScript dictionaries which provide macros that simplify writing of complex PostScript commands. PostScript is powerful language which allows variable data printing and personalization of the data stream with the right commands. To implement some of these features a programmer has to write a few, or sometimes many, lines of code. Xerox developed macro procedures in PostScript language dictionaries to make page control easier.