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eugenio              aurelio              gregorio              alfredo              emilio              arnaldo              celestino              rodolfo              alvaro              gerardo              armando              silverio              narciso              teodoro              casimiro              augusto              donato              ernesto              flavio              leopoldo              erasmo              antonino              severino              fortunato              adolfo              cristino              norberto              dionisio              rolando              lamberto              federico              emiliano              atilio              edgardo              ulpiano              ponciano              urbano              lorenzo              hilario              mariano              adalberto              isidoro              rufino              celso              gavino              alberto              aureliano              gualberto              evaristo              osvaldo             

Examples of "virgilio"
In 2014 it was annexed by Virgilio which became the municipality of Borgo Virgilio.
Aqua Finita Est- Bogota, Colombia. Virgilio Barco|Virgilio Barco Public Library-Aqua Finita Est-Bogota
Web Blog:In Memory of Virgilio Gaspar Enriquez. Ph.D.
Virgilio, the Italian form of Virgil may refer to:
Virgilio was born in 1965 to former Colombian president Virgilio Barco Vargas and his wife Carolina Isakson Proctor, and is the youngest of four children. His sisters are Carolina, Julia, and Diana. Virgilio lives in Bogotá with his partner Andrew Dier, with whom he has been together since 1998.
Borgo Virgilio is a "comune" in the province of Mantua, in Lombardy, created with effect from 25 May 2014 from the merger of the former "comuni" of Borgoforte and Virgilio.
Among his recent publications are a collection of translated poems by Virgilio Piñera, "The Weight of the Island: Selected Poems of Virgilio Piñera" (2015) and a collection of original poems, "Island History: Poems" (2015).
The club was founded in 2009 after the merging of G.S. Arrone (that played Serie D in the 2008–09 season), Gabelletta and Nuova Virgilio Maroso. Arrone, Gabelletta and Virgilio Maroso were all refounded in the lower leagues.
The film's sets were designed by the art director Virgilio Marchi.
Virgilio Rosario (1499 – 22 May, 1559) was an Italian Roman Catholic bishop and cardinal.
The painter Felice Damiani left some of his painting supplies to Virgilio.
Virgilio Monti (1852–1942) was an Italian painter, active mainly in Rome, painting sacred subjects.
López Cruz, Humberto, ed. Virgilio Piñera: el artificio del miedo. Madrid: Hispano Cubana, 2012.
All games were played at the Palacio de los Deportes Virgilio Travieso Soto.
The film's sets were designed by the art director Virgilio Marchi.
In August 2011 the 120-year-old lodge was owned by Tony Virgilio.
Virgilio Nucci (1545-1620) was an Italian painter of the late-Renaissance or Mannerism period.
Designed by Leon Sneyers, 1907 (totally restored by Virgilio Vallot, 1948).
Motteggiana borders the following municipalities: Borgo Virgilio, Pegognaga, San Benedetto Po, Suzzara, Viadana.
Virgilio Mazzocchi (22 July 1597 bapt. – 3 October 1646) was an Italian baroque composer.