Synonyms for virutcham or Related words with virutcham

konrai              sthala              vilvam              vriksha              vriksham              pipal              hingula              chinar              agasthya              kalpataru              kurinji              peedam              kishunpur              vilva              gokarna              peetha              kanva              kalpavriksha              parvata              govardhana              marudha              vishesha              samveda              paramba              pillaiyar              muthappan              sundri              ganapati              swayambhu              mahotsava              taratarini              vinayakar              devalaya              ambaji              kaliamman              tempita              chamundi              mataji              nathar              subrahmanya              bhagawan              tirtham              muthyalamma              rajamaha              isakki              mookambika              theertha              saptha              ambal              vishalakshi             

Examples of "virutcham"
His sons Dr.N.S.Chandrasekaran and Mr.N.S.R.Muralidharan are now the founders of Virutcham Foundation on his name. And that has been dedicated to human care and environmental issues. His vision towards human care, rehabilitation and education has been instilled under Virutcham Foundation. And his interest towards language and literature has also been rooted as the base for Third Eye (an academy for language studies, soft skill management and creative science) owned by his youngest grandson Mr.Sooraj Muralidharan.
The Thala virutcham is a Neem tree. The temple has two theerthams, namely Brahmma Gundam and Manikarni theertham. The temple is open from 6.00a.m. until 8.00p.m.
Varadharaja perumal temple is a Vishnu temple located at Kaladipet in Thiruvottiyur. This temple is located near thyagarajaswamy temple, thiruvottiyur. This temple was historically known as Padmapuram and is estimated to be 500 year old. Perundevi shrine is located left to that of the Lord. The shrines for Navagrahas are installed on a stage designed as lotus petal. Magizham tree is the Thala Virutcham of the temple and Vaikanasam is the pooja.
The Pandya kings were the first to begin building the temple, which was further expanded by the Nayak kings. The shrine of the presiding deity, Lord Shiva faces east. A shrine to Subrahmanyar is situated between the shrines of Shiva and Ambal. Thus, the temple is said to be of the Somaskanda type. The Lord Hanuman is found on a pillar, and there is a fig tree ("Ficus religiosa") in between the two shrines, with a vinayagar statue beneath it. This tree is considered to be a Shtala Virutcham or temple tree.
This temple is situated in the centre of Saidapet, near to the newly constructed Market Subway which links to the Anna Salai and Alandur. Its main deity is Lord Soundareswarar and Lord Thirupurasundari. Lord Varasithi Vinayar facing West is a famous one. The Stala Virutcham is Vanni Maram and is being worshipped on Saturdays by the devotees of Saidapet, Mambalam, K K Nagar, Velacherry etc. The temple is also known as Vada Thirunaraiyur. Vanni, Vilvam and Konrai, the three trees are known for Shiva's worship, are available in this temple. Leaves of Vanni maram is used for the archana for Saneesvaran. Annual brahmotsavam take place in the month of Ani and the deity is taken in processing for 10 days. This Temples comes under HR&CE control. Last Kumbabizhegam was performed during 01-02-1988 by the temple Sivachariar Late.C.K.Krishnamurthy Gurukkal.
The sanctum sanctorum contains the lingam along with the image of Shiva. There are granite image of the 63 Nayanmars around the first precinct. The temple's inner most precinct are decorated with an array of Shivalingam, one of which is a Sahasra Lingam with 1,008 Siva lingams sculpted on it. There is no separate shrine for Parvati within the complex as with other Shiva temples in Kanchipuram. A local belief is that Kamakshi Amman Temple is the consort for Ekambaranathar. There is a small shrine for Vishnu named Nilathingal Thundam Perumal temple inside the temple complex. Vishnu is prayed as Vamana Murthy and the shrine is hailed by the Alvar saints as one of the 108 Divya Desams. The "sthala-virutcham" or temple tree is believed to be a 3,500-year-old mango tree whose branches are said to yield four different types of mangoes from its four branches. There is a separate shrine for Nataraja on the second precinct.
The temple is devoted to Lord Vedapuresswarar who came here and imparted his spiritual knowledge regarding the Vedas. According to legend in this sacred place, Saint Thirugnana Sambanthar used his holy miraculous powers and transformed a male palm tree into a female palm tree. Palmyra Palm tree is the thala virutcham (holy tree) of this temple. This is the 8th of the 32 Devara Stalams in the Thondaimandalam region of South India. Although this temple had been founded earlier, inscriptions primarily from the middle and later Chola periods (11th -13th centuries) indicate expansion of temple during Chola time. Arunagirinathar, a devotee of Lord Muruga worshiped and wrote Tamil song on the God of this temple. The temple has some unique distinctions compared to other Siva temples. The Nandi, which usually faces the Siva lingam, is facing the main gate. Also, one can worship all the Pancha Bootha lingams in this temple. The devotees of the temple and the natives of the town celebrate a festival every year with street processions which span 10 days called Brahmmotsavam. There is a village called Purisai 11 km from Cheyyar is famous for Shivan Temple, Ellaiamman Temple and Therukoothu.