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Vishwanatha Nayakka ruled from 1535 to 1544, and was succeeded by Varathappa Nayakkar who ruled for a very short period of about a year. In 1545, Dumbicchi Nayakkan became the Governor, and after twenty months, he was succeeded by Vishwanatha Nayakkan again, until Vitthala Raja took over. Vitthala Raja ruled from 1546 to 1558. hereafter Vishwanatha Nayak took over again from 1559 to 1563. After Vishwanatha Nayak, his son Kumara Krishnappa Nayaka took over and from thereon, the heredity rule of Vishwanatha Nayaka continued.
temple was built by the Rashtrakutas in the 8th century. Kashi Vishwanatha temple in "Nagara" style
There are shrines to Ganesha, Murugan, Vishwanatha and Gajalakshmi within the temple complex. The "sthala vriksha" is vilva.
This filmi song is based on a shloka from Vishwanatha Suprabhata:
Mallikarjuna temple is in "dravidian" style while Kashi Vishwanatha temple is in "nagara" style at Pattadakal, built around 740 CE.
Jeevana Chaitra tracks the life and times of Vishwanath, from his youth, through the days of his jodi inamathi- when he becomes Jodidar Vishwanatha Raya to his end.
Toogudeepa walks away threatening Gurudutt that he can choose either his father's village or his love. Gurudutt fights with his father and leaves home. This comes as a first blow to Vishwanatha Raya.
Viswanatha Nayaka was appointed as the Vijayanagara viceroy to Madurai in South India during the 16th century. According to the Kaifiyat of Karnata-Kotikam Kings, Vishwanatha Nayudu held the titles of Ayyar and Nayaka.
There is also a mention in website that Ramakshatriyas were found in Madurai also serving Nayaka dynasty of Madurai. It is also said that a ramakshatriya was the General of the king Madurai Vishwanatha Nayaka.
Apart from the Indranatheswara Swamy, Vaidyanatheswara Swamy and Chennakesava Swamy temples, the Pushpagiri temple complex also has a lot of temples dedicated to Bhimeswara, Hachaleswara, Pallaveswara, Sambeswara, Kamala Sambeswara, Kashi Vishwanatha and more.
L. Vishwanatha Ramaswami Iyer (25 October 1895 – 31 January 1948), popularly known as L. V. R, was an Indian linguist who specialized in Dravidian languages. He is remembered as a pioneer of Malayalam and Tulu linguistics.
Chandrasenan popularly known as "Senan" (Narendra Prasad) and his younger brother Vishnu (Suresh Gopi) who runs a parallel government in Kozhikode City.There Anjana * Khushboo,a young and charming lady reporter from Mumbai coming to find her father Vishwanatha Menon,the Central Industries Minister (Madhu).He is an innocent soul,but his adopted son Devan (K. B. Ganesh Kumar) had been involved in many illegal activities.While Devan approach Senan for helping him to finish Anjana,it leads to a heated argument between Vishnu and Senan.Vishnu deeply fallen in love with Anjana when knowing about her story.Mohan thambi (Devan),an illegal businessman who is planning to contest against Vishwanatha menon in the coming bye-election.Devan and Mohan Thamby bribing Chekkootty(Sathaar),the right-hand of Senan and Chekkootty stabbing Senan by ambushing him from behind.Vishnu is now planning to avenge against Devan and Mohan thamby who were planning to kill Vishwanatha menon.
This historical event was made as Telugu film in 1987 entitled "Vishwanatha Nayakudu" under the direction of Dasari Narayana Rao. Superstar Krishna portrayed the title role, while Shivaji Ganesan as his father and Krishnam Raju as Krishnadevaraja.
After this eventful period, Vishwanatha Nayak took over the reins of Madurai again around 1559 and ruled until 1563. After the Nayak dynasty took over Madurai, it raised the Madurai country to a high level of administration and cultural life.
He received the Spirit of Youth Award for Outstanding Performance from Krishna Gana Sabha under its talent promotion scheme. He won first prize in the AIR competition held in 1985. For the period 1987–1988, Sanjay was the recipient of the Maharajapuram Vishwanatha Iyer Trust Scholarship for advanced musical training.
He is endowed with a sturdy voice & his rendering of raga is mellifluous & enthralling. His repertoire consists of the compositions of the trinity, Swathi Thirunal, Patnam Subrahmanya iyer, Jayachamarajendra wodeyer, Mysore vasudevachar, Mayuram Vishwanatha Sastry, Papanasam sivan, D.V.Gundappa, Padmacharan & Haidasas.His rendering of slokas is unique.
After Vishwanatha Nayaka took over the country, it was held by his kin for two centuries, with a few short periods of break, until in a chaotic situation Sultans took it in 1736 for a brief period, and finally the British took it during the 1780s.
He entered the small screen with the soap opera "Bharya" aired in Asianet. He gives life to Nandan, son of Prof. Vishwanatha Menon and Jayapradha teacher. "Bharya" tells the tale of family residing in Vrindavanam. Aleena Padikkal portrays the role of Nayana, Nandan’s wife. Within a short period of time, Ronson Vincent became popular among the television spectators.
Kasi Viswanatha Temple is a Hindu temple located in the neighbourhood of West Mambalam in Chennai, India. Dedicated to Siva, the temple is named after the Vishwanatha Temple at Varanasi. Constructed in the 17th century, the temple is also known as "Mahabilva Kshetra".
Ramaswami Iyer was born in Trichur to L. R. Vishwanatha Iyer, a retired Inspector of schools with the Department of Public Instruction, Madras Presidency. Ramaswami Iyer had his early schooling in Trichur and completed his intermediate from the Maharajah's College, Ernakulam in first class.