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"All things that are visible are not equally visible."
see. John.gone. remote visible. dog. remote visible
2012 "Visible Economies: Photography, Economic Conditions, Urban Experiences", Eugenie Shinkle"Visible Economies, Invisible Topographies" ISBN 9781903796481
"Colombia Visible e Invisible" (Visible and Invisible Colombia), Fernando Pradilla Gallery, Madrid, Spain.
Malagasy has a complex system of deixis (these, those, here, there, etc.), with seven degrees of distance as well as evidentiality across all seven. The evidential dimension is prototypically visible vs. non-visible referents; however, the non-visible forms may be used for visible referents which are only vaguely identified or have unclear boundaries, whereas the visible forms are used for non-visible referents when these are topical to the conversation.
1 A leaf is unfolded when its ligule is visible or the tip of the next leaf is visible
Annularity was visible across central Greenland and northern Scotland. Partiality was visible throughout Europe, Asia, and far northwestern Canada.
- "Rifts in the Visible/Fêlures dans le Visible" poetry (bilingual), Ronsdale Press, 1997. ISBN 0-921870-45-0
The hill, East Witton fell, is visible from Thornton Steward and on the western side Jervaulx Abbey is visible.
This eclipse was completely visible from North and South America, and visible setting over Western Europe and Africa.
Kim is the author of three books, "The Phoenix Project", "The Visible Ops Handbook" and “The Visible Ops Security Handbook.”
Totality was visible in the southern Indian Ocean. It was visible from Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, eastern Madagascar, Antarctica's Wilkes Land.
elsewhere (Fl.W.R.G. 5s). The red and green lights are visible for while the white light is visible for .
An addition governance question concerns privacy. What transactions are visible to whom, and what account balances are visible to whom?
The comet was readily visible to the naked eye until about May 20 and visible by telescope until October.
"VIS- Visible Light"- The photo image visible to the naked eye representing the actual colors of the painting.
Like bromance relationships, many different BFF relationships are visible in popular culture. Some examples of these relationships are visible in:
Nearby areas have visible evidence of fossilized dinosaur tracks. Early human evidence is also visible in rock etchings and petroglyphs.
This eclipse was completely visible from all of North and South America, and visible from most of Europe and Africa.
A visible difference from the 214s is the visible parts of the unusual Marshall valve gear with its rotating camshaft.