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visually              faintly              tactilely              barely              brightly              discernable              distinctively              perceptible              faint              conspicuously              coloration              noticeably              perceptibly              recognizably              colored              discernible              legible              visible              coloured              perceivable              invisible              darkened              macroscopically              plainly              unaided              darker              observable              intensely              morphologically              darkly              clearly              colouration              bright              dull              shiny              hazy              whitish              discolored              subtly              colour              patchy              vivid              grainy              recognizable              appearance              discernibly              microscopically              colorful              mottled              conspicuous             

Examples of "visibly"
Visibly pushdown languages are exactly the languages that can be described by "visibly pushdown grammars".
If a language formula_45 over a tagged alphabet formula_12 is accepted by a deterministic visibly pushdown automaton, then formula_45 is called a "visibly pushdown language".
Visibly pushdown grammars can be defined as a restriction of context-free grammars. A visibly pushdown grammar "G" is defined by the 4-tuple:
Since it visibly maps smooth curves to smooth curves, "composition"
However, no such bamboo enterprise visibly exists in the town.
Schreurs’ style has been visibly influenced by three factors, namely
Turpin was still visibly noted as a Methodist minister.
Nondeterministic visibly pushdown automata are as expressive as deterministic ones. Hence one can transform a nondeterministic visibly pushdown automaton into a deterministic one, but if the nondeterministic automaton had formula_48 states, the deterministic one may have up to formula_49 states.
2 Visibly extended internode n develops between leaf n and leaf n+1
Visibly disappointed, Ralph goes outside to start another shift of sheep stealing from Sam.
The set of visibly pushdown languages is closed under the following operations:
He said that Al Hajj looked more frail, and visibly had trouble concentrating.
In these stories, Merkel's face is never visibly seen, always off-screen or obscured by shadows.
Receptive negotiators tend to appear relaxed with their hands open and palms visibly displayed.
Her work, although visibly influenced by her father, is softer and more minimalistic than his efforts.
Walker never again sought office and was not visibly involved thereafter in politics.
Some scenes are visibly based on the artwork of the Truckfighters "Mania" record,
As the definition of visibly pushdown automata shows, deterministic visibly pushdown automata can be seen as a special case of deterministic pushdown automata; thus the set VPL of visibly pushdown languages over formula_61 forms a subset of the set DCFL of deterministic context-free languages over the set of symbols in formula_61. In particular, the function that removes the matching relation from nested words transforms regular languages over nested words into context-free languages.
He displayed the unique superstition of carrying a red handkerchief visibly in his trouser pocket while batting.
Although Rainer suffered from a mild form of epilepsy, this did not visibly interfere with his military career.