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paparizou              vandi              rouvas              despina              kalomira              evridiki              tamta              theodoridou              hatzigiannis              garbi              karvelas              marinella              eleftheria              arvanitaki              pausini              germanou              voskopoulos              mazonakis              remos              risteska              sarbel              ninanajna              aslanidou              kokkinou              martakis              parafora              olympiou              bocelli              sakis              vossou              tsaligopoulou              kalimera              kazantzidis              alkistis              rakintzis              nalick              protopsalti              parios              melisses              mitropanos              argise              pugacheva              kalokairi              onirama              kaliopi              yassou              theofanous              erotas              sfakianakis              tolis             

Examples of "vissi"
Lake Vissi is a lake of Estonia. It's located in the Vissi village.
Vissi is a village in Nõo Parish, Tartu County in eastern Estonia. Lake Vissi is located in the village.
Composition is by Nikos Leonardos (Nikos Karvelas), Anna Vissi, and Afoi Tzavara. Lyrics are by Giannis Parios, Nikos Leonardos, and Anna Vissi.
This page features the full videography of singer Anna Vissi.
On February 10, 2009, Vissi appeared on the Women of the Year 2008 awards by magazine "Madame Figaro" in Cyprus. At the awards, Vissi announced that she has set up a scholarship fund along with the magazine to award to one young female student annually. Vissi also sang "Apagorevmeno", "Kontra", "To Parelthon Mou" and "Stin Pira".
In February 1996, Vissi released the triple-platinum album "Klima Tropiko". The album featured a new sound for Anna Vissi. It has sold 105 thousand copies as of 2009. After giving more than 40 concerts all over Greece, she started winter appearances at club "Chaos". In February 1997, Vissi won three Greek Music Awards: Best Female Singer, Best Interpretation, and Biggest Airplay Song.
In September 2011 Vissi performed a mini-Cypriot tour titled "Etsi Apla", performing four concerts. On 5 November 2011 Vissi performed in Stuttgart, Germany. On 12 November, Vissi was awarded by Hellenic Charity Ball who recognised the brightest arts and entertainment luminaries in the Greek-American community.The ceremony take place in San Francisco.
Music and lyrics are by Nikos Karvelas and Anna Vissi.
In May 2003, Vissi performed with Nikos Karvelas and Irini Merkouri at "Boom" in Thessaloniki, Greece. On 15 July 2003, Vissi gave a concert at "A Plaz Voulas/Apollonies Aktes", with special guest star Nikos Karvelas.
Vissi participated in the Eurovision Song Contest twice. In 1979, she was a supporting singer for Elpida, representing Greece and 1984 saw Vissi participate in the Cypriot national song contest with the song "Chtes", which came second.
The music video of "Forgive Me This" features Vissi and a man playing in a field of flowers. In some scenes, Vissi is alone or lying down on a flower bed.
Cosmote once again sponsored a Vissi album, and as in the past, it released a series of commercials for the album including a TV commercial featuring Anna Vissi with the song "Apagorevmeno".
Olympia "Lia" Vissi (born 15 May 1955) is a Greek Cypriot singer, songwriter, composer and politician who most notable for her two participations in the Eurovision Song Contest and being older sister of Greek Cypriot singer Anna Vissi.
When working with Anna Vissi, Moda Records takes on a second name "Vanilla/Moda Records".
Anna Vissi, Flexy, Helena Paparizou, Dimension X, Jus Jack and Thalía have signed with Moda Records.
All lyrics by Anna Vissi and all music by Nikos Karvelas.
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In May 2011, Vissi will be embarking on a North American & Canadian tour.
On 24 February 2009, Vissi re-newed her contract with Sony Music Greece.
This page includes the discography of Cypriot pop singer Anna Vissi.