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Examples of "visualstudio"
With the SallyAPI it's possible to create new applications for Sally using C++ and VisualStudio. The SallyAPI is published under the LGPL licence which provides the developers with the possibility to create closed source applications with this API. That also means, that they can charge money for their work.
Starting with Visual C++ 6.0, BFC added COM support, so that VB and ASP programmers could use BFC's database components, including ActiveX grid (table), combo, and edit controls. With the advent of VisualStudio .NET 2002, BFC was extended to support the .NET languages, C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET.
The debugger does not contain its own graphical user interface, and defaults to a command-line interface. Several front-ends have been built for it, such as UltraGDB, Xxgdb, Data Display Debugger (DDD), Nemiver, KDbg, Xcode debugger, GDBtk/Insight and the HP Wildebeest Debugger GUI (WDB GUI). IDEs such as Codelite, , Dev-C++, Geany, GNAT Programming Studio (GPS), KDevelop, Qt Creator, Lazarus, MonoDevelop, Eclipse, NetBeans and VisualStudio can interface with GDB. GNU Emacs has a "GUD mode" and tools for VIM exist (e.g. clewn.) These offer facilities similar to debuggers found in IDEs.