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Examples of "vitelli"
There is a Palazzo Vitelli in many towns of Central Italy, notably the three in Città di Castello, where in addition to Palazzo Vitelli a Sant'Egidio, Palazzo Vitelli a San Giacomo (Palazzo Vitelli in Piazza), stands at the heart of the city. The 16th-century Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera now houses an art gallery.
Niccolò Vitelli (1414–1486) was an Italian condottiero of the Vitelli family from Città di Castello.
Giovan Luigi "Chiappino" Vitelli (1519 – July 1575) was an Italian marquis and military leader, son of Niccolò Vitelli.
The Città di Castello Municipal gallery is housed in the renaissance-style Vitelli alla Cannoniera Palace, home to the condottiere Alessandro Vitelli, grandson of Niccolò Vitelli, and wife Angela Paola de’ Rossi, nephew of Giovanni delle Bande Nere.
In 2014, Baker ran against incumbent State Senator Eloise Vitelli. Vitelli had beaten former Senator Paula Benoit in a special election the year before. Ultimately, despite being outspent substantially by outside groups, Baker bested Vitelli by 1,036 votes.
Vitellozzo Vitelli (1531 – November 19, 1568) was an Italian cardinal of the Roman Catholic Church.
Vitelli founded Azimut whilst still a student in Italy, later acquiring the venerable Benetti brand.
Jessica Brando (born Jessica Vitelli 6 December 1994) is an Italian singer.
Francesco Vitelli (1586–1646) was a Roman Catholic ecclesiastic in the papal service.
During his childhood, he was brought up by his uncle, Giovanni Fogliani after he was left fatherless. He was sent to serve as a soldier under the condottiero Paolo Vitelli in order to win high command. In 1495, he fought with Paolo Vitelli first at Pisa and then in Naples for the French. In 1499, the two were fighting for the Florentines against Pisa, but both were accused of treason by Florence. Vitelli was summarily put to death while Oliverotto was spared due to the intervention of the government of Fermo. He then united with Vitellozzo Vitelli, Paolo's brother, and both went into the service of Cesare Borgia.
The manuscript is currently housed at the "Girolamo Vitelli Papyrological Institute" (PSI Inv. 108) at National Archaeological Museum in Florence.
Currently the codex is housed at the Instituto Papirologico "G. Vitelli" (PSI Inv. CNR 32 C) in Florence.
The manuscript currently is housed at the Istituto Papirologico „G. Vitelli" at Florence with the shelf number PSI inv. 1479.
Luca Vitelli (died 1730) was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, born and active in Rome and Ascoli Piceno.
Giulio Vitelli was a Roman Catholic prelate who served as Bishop of Città di Castello (1499-1503).
Annie Vitelli (1837–?) was a notable New Zealand singer and entertainer. She was born in London, England in about 1837.
Teresa Berenice Vitelli, also known as Suor Veronica, (active 1706 – 1729) was an 18th century Italian painter.
Clara cannot resist her combative instincts; when a street brawl breaks out between the Vitelli and Alvarez factions, she draws a sword and plunges in. Yet when she sees Vitelli fighting bravely, alone against her father and a follower, she so admires his courage that she fights on his side and saves him. The two are instantly attracted to each other. The situation is complicated, though, when Clara learns that Vitelli maintains a sexual relationship with the courtesan Malroda. The courtesan exploits Vitelli for gold and jewels, but is enamored of a man named Piorato — who, jealous of the nobleman, exposes Vitelli's affair to Clara. She is distressed by the knowledge — yet when Vitelli is set upon by Piorato and his followers, Clara grabs a sword and saves Vitelli again. The two come to an understanding: once Vitelli sees that he must give up sexual license, and once Clara is ready to sacrifice her masculine behaviours, they can agree to become husband and wife.
Francesco Vitelli was of the line of Vitelli who had been rich merchants of Città di Castello, who made themselves masters of the town in the early fourteenth century, after civic confrontations with the rival Guelfucci of Brancaleone, and henceforward wielded political and military influence disproportionate to their small territory.
Merula was born in Alessandria in Piedmont. The greater part of his life was spent in Venice and Milan, where he held a professorship and continued to teach until his death. While he was teaching at Venice, he was the subject of a personal polemic by Cornelio Vitelli, directed at his scholarship; and Vitelli replaced him in 1483.