Synonyms for vittatus or Related words with vittatus

nigripes              signatus              marmoratus              ocellata              celebensis              variegatus              punctulata              nasuta              ornatus              guentheri              rostratus              laticeps              longimanus              bifasciatus              granulatus              bilineatus              beccarii              oblongus              bimaculatus              limbatus              nigriventris              steindachneri              ocellatus              lugubris              fimbriatus              maculosus              maculatus              pulchellus              obtusus              cognatus              limbata              latifrons              microcephalus              brevirostris              cincta              macrops              parallelus              ciliatus              taeniatus              labiatus              helleri              petersi              denticulatus              microps              microdon              depressus              convexus              striolatus              binotatus              dissimilis             

Examples of "vittatus"
It was originally described as "Puntius vittatus" by F. Day in 1865, and has also been referred to in scientific literature as "Barbus vittatus". The word ""vittatus"" means "striped lengthwise", and is pronounced "vy-TAH-tus".
In Lake Kariba the most important predator on the Lake Tanganyika sardine is "Hydrocynus vittatus", and the population in Lake Kariba increased following the introduction of the sardines. The diet of "H. vittatus" changed and as much as 70% of the food eaten by "H. vittatus" consisted of sardines by 1971. "H. vittatus" predation appears to be most intense at dawn and dusk when they were seen feeding on sardines at the surface at these times.
Lejops vittatus is a European species of hoverfly.
Isometrus vittatus is a species of scorpion in Buthidae family.
Aedes vittatus was first described in 1861 as "Culex vittatus" from specimens collected on Corsica. In 2000, the species was transferred to the newly erected subgenus "Fredwardsius" as the type (and only) species representing the subgenus.
Boophis vittatus is a species of frog in the Mantellidae family.
Pelargoderus vittatus is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae.
Chiromantis vittatus is a species of frog in the Rhacophoridae family.
Athous vittatus is a species of beetle in the family Elateridae and the genus "Athous".
"Clibanarius vittatus" is a scavenger and mostly feeds on detritus that it finds on the seabed.
The laced woodpecker ("Picus vittatus") is a species of bird in the family Picidae.
Alsodes vittatus is a species of frog in the Alsodidae family.
"Powelliphanta" "vittatus" is classified as "Range Restricted" by the New Zealand Threat Classification System.
The larvae feed on "Agelanthus zizyphifolius vittatus", "Agelanthus subulatus" and "Englerina inaequilatera".
The forest shield bug ("Oncacontias vittatus") is a shield bug endemic to New Zealand.
"B. batasio" appears to mimic "Mystus vittatus", with which it inhabits the same habitat.
This species infects the striped basilisk ("Basiliscus vittatus"), "Basiliscus plumbifrons" and "Iguana iguana rhinolopha".
"T. vittatus" on the other hand has a ND2 DNA sequence resembling that of "Lamprologus congoensis" and "L. teugelsi". But "T. vittatus" does not at all appear very similar to these species, and in fact may well be closer to "T. bifrenatus" and "T. brichardi" than to "T. temporalis". That would mean that male ancestors of "T. vittatus" had successfully interbred with female "Lamprologus" after the lineage of the former had diverged from its relatives.
The bay-backed shrike ("Lanius vittatus") is a member of the bird family Laniidae, the shrikes, resident in South Asia.
Neoamphion vittatus is a species of beetle in the family Cerambycidae. It was described by Reiche in 1839.