Synonyms for vittaya or Related words with vittaya

samrej              tintus              kittipong              narathorn              woraphol              patipat              wibowoand              suwandiand              kaokaew              weerapat              sornbutnark              orawan              wachiramanowong              trijati              suwandi              thongkamchoo              srichaphanand              montika              hendri              chanatip              panuwat              sittichai              hadiman              sasongko              hengki              jakkrit              patcharee              pornchai              fitriani              savitree              thanakorn              phunsueb              tanongsak              hadimanand              selvarajoo              prasetyo              avihingsanon              anuchan              pladchurnil              pramote              sujitra              doakmaiklee              utaiwan              siripool              peachan              purwati              anggarkusuma              prawat              suppanyu              warit             

Examples of "vittaya"
Wittaya Subphayuth (also spelled Vittaya, , , ) is a Thai educational game show initiated and sponsored by the Institute for the Promotion of Teaching Science and Technology (IPST) and produced by Workpoint Entertainment under the vision and direction of IPST. The programme features competitions between upper-secondary school students to create a machine to perform various tasks. It is broadcast weekly on Channel 5, and is currently () in its second season.
Yasothon city is about or seven hours drive from Bangkok at the intersection of Highways of Thailand Routes 23 and 202, and the southern end of Route 2169. Pedicabs serve within the city. Tuk-tuks are prohibited. Motorcycle taxis with yellow license plates and drivers with identifying vests do serve outlying areas and may take passengers about within the city limits. Several bus lines connect daily and at frequent intervals to Bangkok's Northern Bus Terminal (often called "Mo Chit Mai" ), . and Pattaya's Northern Terminal, as well as all bus terminals in the North and north-east. Train and Air services connect Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani, 100 kilometres east on Highways of Thailand Route 23. Yasothon's bus terminal re-located from the city centre to Route 23 Bypass just east of the Ban Kham Noi Junction with Vittaya Thamrong Road/Rural Road YS-2018.