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vouloir              votre              enfin              tomber              mourir              envers              douleur              mieux              oubli              toujours              toute              vrai              pleurer              tendre              celui              partout              avait              chaque              seule              tendresse              peuvent              foule              vont              amoureux              regarde              odeur              essentiel              personne              perdre              quoi              musicien              reviens              entretien              aucun              annee              ainsi              tourne              mots              habitude              putain              faites              calme              cette              doucement              sourire              avaient              perte              merveilleux              monstres              sauver             

Examples of "voici"
29. Chorus du tribunal: 'Voici le tribunal' (Chorus.)
It’s time for chabrot. (Voici l'heure du chabrot.)
"Voici l'union d'un boiteux et d'une manchote. Ah, le beau couple!"
Voici is a French language weekly celebrity and women's magazine published in Paris, France.
Voici la liste des ouvrages de la Ligne Maginot répartis par Secteurs Fortifiés et types d'ouvrages:
De Pierrefeu also contributed to journals such as "L'Homme réel" and "Voici la France de ce mois".
Voici la liste des ouvrages de la Ligne Maginot répartis par Secteurs Fortifiés et types d'ouvrages:
~'Carmen' di G Bizet -Les voici (Coro del Teatro Carlo Felice di enova e i Cantori di Burlamacco)
Alongside his advertising career, he worked as a writer and as a literary columnist for a variety of French magazines such as Elle, Paris Match and Voici.
In 2006, "Voici", a French tabloid, published pictures showing her topless at a beach. Her lawyers are reportedly attempting to purge these images from the Internet.
Collection of poetry: "L'autre temps" (1964). Posthumous works: "Voici" (1974), "Théâtre" (1976), "S" (1977), "L'arbre le Temps suivi de Lieu-Je et de Lettre" (1977).
Direct object pronouns are also used to indicate the "subject" with pseudo-verbs, and with the presentative particle "ha" "here is, "voici"":
"Voici" claims the title of best selling French celebrity magazine, and second or third most widely read French women's magazine. It includes beauty, fashion, health, society and entertainment sections.
Rivard's concert career continues and he also continues to perform in theatre. In 2002 his album "Simple" (a live concert album) came out, and in 2004 "Bonsoir…mon nom est toujours Michel Rivard et voici mon album quadruple" came out.
"Voici les clés" is a track performed in French by Gérard Lenorman and released in Europe in 1976. It was included on his 1976 album, "Drôles de chansons" ("Funny Songs").
Notable gossip magazines around the world include "Us Weekly" in the United States, "Hello!" in the United Kingdom, "Gente" and "Chi" in Italy, "Actustar" and "Voici" in France, "Bunte" in Germany, and "East Touch" in Hong Kong.
"Voici" had a circulation of 602,000 copies in 1991. Its circulation was 576,000 copies in 1998. In 2000 the circulation of the magazine was 514,180 copies and it was 522,042 copies in 2001.
In February 2006, the French magazine "Voici" published photographs of mother and daughter during a visit to Monaco. The Prince has hired the services of Gavin de Becker and Associates.
In 2011, Lemorman re-recorded "Voici les clés" with Australian recording artist Tina Arena for his album "Duos de mes chansons", which translates from French as "Duets of my songs".
In September 1942 de Kérillis published "Français, voici la vérité" (French people, here is the truth) in which he criticized the government of Marshal Petain and praised General Charles de Gaulle.