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stollberg              burladingen              eggenfelden              sommerach              bodenbach              rastenberg              gersdorf              freystadt              gomadingen              wasungen              neusorg              neukirchen              friedrichsthal              kemnath              kronach              umstadt              erzgeb              rodach              hartmannsdorf              riedenburg              herbolzheim              geisingen              alsbach              rahden              breitenbrunn              borgholzhausen              beerfelden              torgelow              frauenstein              altenstadt              lehen              hohenfelde              saarburg              malchin              grafenau              lengfeld              kreuzburg              abenberg              thalheim              kipfenberg              holzheim              schwarzach              loxstedt              winningen              hermsdorf              wolfhagen              lichtenau              holzhausen              lenningen              klosterberg             

Examples of "volkach"
The Volkach is a long eastern tributary of the River Main.
Großer Preis der Deutschen Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur e.V. Volkach is a Bavarian literary prize.
August von Rothmund (August 1, 1830 – October 27, 1906) was a German ophthalmologist from Volkach, Lower Franconia.
Located at the foot of the Steigerwald (forest) and in the valley of a creek named the Volkach.
The most important cities and towns are Würzburg, Randersacker, Sommerhausen, Frickenhausen am Main, Sulzfeld am Main, Sommerach, Escherndorf, Nordheim and Volkach.
Volkach is a town in the district of Kitzingen in the "Regierungsbezirk Unterfranken" (Lower Franconia) in Bavaria, Germany. It has a population of around 8,700.
Astheim Charterhouse, also known as Marienbrück Charterhouse ( or "Kartause Astheim", also "Kartause Marienbrück"; ), was a Carthusian monastery, or charterhouse, in Astheim near Volkach in Kitzingen, Bavaria, Germany.
From 1823, he served as court physician in Miltenberg, later performing similar duties in Volkach. In 1843 he became a professor at the University of Munich, later attaining the title of "Obermedicinalrath".
Sommerach is located on the southern part of the Main river loop on the so-called Wine Island ("Weininsel"). It is 3 km (2 mi.) away from the motorway A3 (exit Kitzingen/Schwarzach/Volkach).
Marlies Dumbsky was born on 20 October 1985 in Volkach and comes from a Franconian vintner family that has been in the wine-growing business since 1837. Her parents come from the vineyard of "Weingut Dumbsky-Marienhof" in Volkach. From 2004 to 2006 she was the local wine princess of her home town. In March 2008 she became the 53rd Franconian Wine Queen. In Neustadt an der Weinstraße she won the German Wine Queen title against five other competitors. She is a trained vintner and "Franconian Wine Experience" tourist guide and speaks several languages in addition to her native German: English, French and Spanish. She is currently doing media and communication studies in Erfurt. She is a native of Volkach and a passionate motorcyclist.
The Constitution Column ("Konstitutionssäule") is a 32 metre high landmark in the village of Gaibach, now a district of the town of Volkach in Lower Franconia in Germany. It is in the Schlosspark surrounding the Schloss Gaibach on the Hügel des Sonnenbergs just off Staatsstraße 2271.
Kirch was born in Volkach, Bavaria, but shortly afterward his family moved to the nearby town of Würzburg. After completing high school, he studied marketing and management as well as mathematics at the University of Munich, graduating in 1952. It was during this time that he gained an interest in electronic media.
The largest cities along the Main are Frankfurt am Main and Würzburg. The Main also passes the following towns and cities: Burgkunstadt, Lichtenfels, Bad Staffelstein, Eltmann, Haßfurt, Schweinfurt, Volkach, Kitzingen, Marktbreit, Ochsenfurt, Karlstadt, Gemünden, Lohr, Marktheidenfeld, Wertheim, Miltenberg, Obernburg, Erlenbach/Main, Aschaffenburg, Seligenstadt, Hainburg, Hanau, Offenbach, Hattersheim, Flörsheim, and Rüsselsheim.
After a year in office, the Franconian Wine Queen, together with the other twelve regional wine queens in Germany, takes part in the competition for the German Wine Queen. In 2008, the Franconian Wine Queen, Marlies Dumbsky from Volkach, was chosen as the 60th German Wine Queen for one year (until 2009).
In 1983, Cropp's book, "Alaska-Fieber" (Alaska Fever) was named "Young Readers' Book of the Year" by the German Academy for Children's and Young People's Literature, in Volkach, Germany and in 2001, his book, "Goldrausch in der Karibik" ("Goldrush in the Caribbean") was named "Book of the Year" by the reader's list of "Die Welt".
Schloss Gaibach (full title: Gräflich Schönborn’sches Schloss Gaibach or Comital Schönborn Castle at Gaibach) is a castle in Gaibach, a district of the town of Volkach in Germany. Previously the residence of the counts of Schönborn, it now houses the Franken-Landschulheim Schloss Gaibach.
Today the surviving buildings on the site accommodate the archives of the town of Volkach and from 1999 a museum, the "Kartausenmuseum Astheim", run by the Diocese of Würzburg, specialising in Christian graphic art, on which theme it has about 600 exhibits.
He was educated at the Jesuit College in Aschaffenburg. In 1665 Lothar Franz was appointed "Domizellar" (canon) of Würzburg Cathedral, 1667 in Bamberg Cathedral. He received a prebendary at Mainz Cathedral in 1674. Lothar Franz made his Grand Tour through the Netherlands, France and Italy. His "Biennium" (two-year period of preparation) he attended from 1673 to 1675 in Vienna. During this time he kept a pro-imperial life stance. He was appointed canon of Bamberg in 1681 and in Würzburg in 1683. For the Bishop of Bamberg, he travelled in various diplomatic missions and was appointed President of the Court Chamber. In 1689 he was "Scholastikus" (schoolmaster) and curator in Bamberg and canon of Mainz. Still being a canon, he already influenced the artistic design of "Schloss Gaibach" at Volkach after 1694.
Today the emblem is found as part of the coat of arms of many administrative bodies in the Franconian region e.g. the Bavarian provinces of Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia, as well as in adjacent districts covering the territory of the historic East Franconian lands, e. g. Main-Tauber-Kreis in the state of Baden-Württemberg or Hildburghausen in southern Thuringia, and many towns and villages, e. g. in the coat of arms of Volkach or Frankenhardt. So the Franconian Rake demonstrates an allegiance to the common heritage, although the Franconian lands have been split between many lords over the centuries. The Franconian Rake is also part of the large armorial achievements of the Free State of Bavaria and of Baden-Württemberg.