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mourir              eurent              ainsi              sont              peuvent              calme              pourtant              endroit              maintenant              regarde              vouloir              mieux              pleurer              avaient              envers              faite              raconte              comprendre              toutes              quoi              vrai              messieurs              toute              humains              joue              mensonges              reviens              tous              vient              celui              seront              bottes              revient              habitude              oubli              sortir              tendre              entretien              enfin              votre              cette              perdre              voici              cendres              acteurs              lieux              ennemis              chantent              apprendre              donc             

Examples of "vont"
Georges Kern: «l’économie et l’écologie vont de pair» - L'Hebdo
The name is a play on words: while Yvon is a not-uncommon first name, it matches the informal Quebec French pronunciation of "ils vont" (they will). Thus the full name sounds like "ils vont crever", or "they're gonna die".
Candidats retenus après l'épreuve ultime, et qui vont participer aux primes en direct :
• 1964 : "Les Cinq Dernières Minutes : 45 tours... et puis s'en vont" by Bernard Hecht
Boys from other parts of town often laughed at boys from Stínadla that they lived on a former execution place. That was also the reason for the rise of the Vont organization, which was established by Vojtěch Vont, the first High Vont (the head of the organization). Vonts (and their organization) have their name for his honor. Once organized they were able to arrange "punitive expeditions" to the other quarters to punish the local boys for the mockeries. Thanks to this organization Vonts achieved reputation and respect of youngsters from the other parts of town, who were no more laughing at them, but feared them instead.
2. The following verbs have the ending "-ont": "ils sont "(they are), "ils ont "(they have), "ils font "(they do), " ils vont "(they go).
In 2013, a sixteenth book, "Le Train où vont les Choses" was published shortly before Fred's death, bringing a coda to the series.
Her fourth documentary "Deux petits tours et puis s'en vont…" (Two little turns and then go ..) was co-directed with Emmanuel Kolawole.
Apart from the composition "Au pays de la mer : Ceux qui s'en vont, Le repas d'adieu Celles qui restent" other paintings in the Musée d'Orsay depicting scenes relating to Brittany include:-
Un P'tit Tour Et Puis S'en Vont : Live 1995 is a live album by the French progressive rock band Ange. It was recorded during the farewell tour of the original line-up. It was released in 1995.
Their debut album was "Les Morts Vont Vite", released in 1986 by Musea label, received critical acclaim for its innovative avant-garde inclinations, and major developments over Magma sound.
Born in Paris, France, she is best known outside France for starring as Julie in Jacques Rivette's film "Celine and Julie Go Boating" ("Céline et Julie vont en bateau", 1974). She has appeared in more than 40 films since 1968.
She starred as Valerie Vont in the Lifetime film "Sorority Surrogate", which was released on March 22, 2014. She will appear as Sarah in the film "The Dorm" later in the year.
For the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne's FORUM 2010, he composed music to accompany the 2010 version of the "Les trains où vont les choses" series of films by Nathalie Bujold. This piece was awarded the Prix Public and second prize from the jury. (The phrase "Les trains où vont les choses" is a play on words — "le train de choses" is an idiom for "the way things go" or "that's how it goes." The title is pluralized to reflect the grid of images in the video. The double meaning is from the fact it is filmed from a train window.)
"Desperately Seeking Susan" is a screwball comedy inspired by Jacques Rivette's "Celine et Julie vont en bateau", that explores identity-swapping among its two protagonists, Roberta and Susan. Instead of a traditional male/female role-swap, bored suburbanite Roberta trades personas with adventuresome Susan, and by doing so, recognizes her inner desires, both romantic and artistic.
The title, "Masques et bergamasques" (meaning "masks and bergamasks", a bergamask being a rustic dance), comes from the opening lines of the Verlaine poem sung as the sixth movement: "Votre âme est un paysage choisi / Que vont charmant masques et bergamasques." Fauré reportedly said of "Masques et bergamasques" that "it is like the impression you get from the paintings of Watteau".
In his works, Cesbron tended to illustrate and describe relevant social topics such as: juvenile delinquency in "Chiens perdus sans collier" (""Lost Dogs Without Collars""), violence in "Entre chiens et loups" (""Between Dogs and Wolves""), euthanasia in "Il est plus tard que tu ne penses" (""It is Later than You Think""), and working priests in "Les Saints vont en enfer" (""Saints go to Hell"").
Another noticeable aspect of the film is its use of puns. For instance, the title of the film, "Céline et Julie vont en bateau", has other meanings from that of taking a boat ride: "aller en bateau" also means "to get caught up in a story that someone is telling you", or, in English, getting taken up in a "shaggy dog story".
She then made a series of documentaries about Africa including "Rentrer?" (1993, 52 minutes), "Deux petits tours et puis s'en vont" (1997) about the presidential elections in Benin, "Un rêve d'indépendance" (1998, 53 minutes) about her own grandfather under Belgian colonization and "Sorcière, la vie" (A Bewitched Life) (2004, 52 minutes).
In an Interview for Agence France-Presse, distributed by on Saturday the 09 of August 2014 she warned that, if help was not arriving immediately – than a massive dying of the Yazidi people would begin – in the French original “« Il ne reste qu'un ou deux jours pour aider ces gens. Après, il vont commencer à mourir en masse ».