Synonyms for voprosy_istorii or Related words with voprosy_istorii

voprosy              estestvoznaniya              вопросы              науки              tekhniki              журнал              философии              istoriia              из_истории              исторический_очерк              историческая              литературы              zhurnal              развития              istoricheskii              ран              письменности              психологии              летописи              известия              восточной              moscow_nauka              павлов              основы              ан_ссср              исследований              сорокина              энциклопедия              по_истории              государства              словарь              языкознания              яковлев              руси              тихомиров              развитие              теории              наука              типография              современность              исследование              сер              кравкова              вадим              мысль              российского              мoscow              сборник              алексеев              актуальные             

Examples of "voprosy_istorii"
Yu. Ya. Solov'ev (2001) " 'Only the Ministry of Internal Affairs Knows the Date of His Death ...'. Dmitrii Ivanovich Mushketov (1882–1938)," Voprosy istorii Estestvoznaniya i Tekhniki (Problems of the History of Natural Sciences and Technology), 2:75–92.
Questions of History (Russian: Вопросы истории, "Voprosy Istorii") is a Russian academic journal for historical studies. It is published monthly by the Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The journal covers both Russian and world history.
The current publication started as two separate journals. The first publication, "Istorik-Marksist" () was published from 1926 to 1941. The second publication, begun in 1931, was known as "Borba Klassov" (), but in 1937 changed its name to "Istoricheskii Zhurnal" (). "Istorik-Marksist" was merged into "Istoricheskii Zhurnal" in 1941. In 1945 the journal's name was changed to the current "Voprosy Istorii".
According to journalist Masha Gessen, a concise definition of rootless cosmopolitan appeared in an issue of "Voprosy istorii" ("The Issues of History") in 1949: "The rootless cosmopolitan... falsifies and misrepresents the worldwide historical role of the Russian people in the construction of socialist society and the victory over the enemies of humanity, over German fascism in the Great Patriotic War." Gessen states that the term used for Russian is an exclusive term that means ethnic Russians only, and so she concludes that "any historian who neglected to sing the praises of the heroic ethnic Russians... was a likely traitor."
Siddiqi's major contribution to space history scholarship has been to apply academic training, theory, and methodology to the study of Soviet space program history. Siddiqi utilized newly available archival materials from Russia, published works such as memoirs, and other sources and essentially pioneered Soviet space history scholarship in the post Cold War-era. Even current Russian-based space history tends to rely heavily upon memoirs and as a result, Siddiqi is acknowledged by Russian space officials as one of the few people conducting original archival research on the subject worldwide. His articles have been published in the leading Russian space journal "Novosti kosmonavtiki" (News of Cosmonautics) as well as the official history journal of the Russian Academy of Sciences, "Voprosy istorii estestvoznaniia i tekhniki" (Problems in the History of Natural Sciences and Technology). He also regularly publishes pieces in the Moscow English language daily, Moscow Times.
Dunning has published refereed articles in "Slavic Review", "The Russian Review", "The Slavonic and East European Review", "Comparative Studies in Society and History", "The Pushkin Review", "The Sixteenth Century Journal," "Revue Historique," "Voprosy istorii," "Russian History/Histoire Russe," "Slavic and East European Journal," "Stanford Slavic Studies," "Canadian-American Slavic Studies," "Albion," "Forschungen zur osteuropaischen Geschichte," "Kritika," "Harvard Ukrainian Studies," "Rossiiskaia istoriia," and "Archivium Hibernicum." He holds six distinguished teaching awards from Texas A&M. In 2012 Dunning received an endowed professorship, the Murray and Celeste Fasken Chair in Distinguished Teaching in Liberal Arts. His research reflects his interest in early modern Russia, Anglo-Russian relations, comparative history, and the impact of censorship on Russian literature. He has received research grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Davis Center for Russian Studies at Harvard University.