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funnefoss              vardal              brumunddal              aurskog              ullensaker              finstadbru              frogn              jevnaker              spjelkavik              drangedal              grovfjord              klepp              galterud              gjerpen              vaulen              ulefoss              nybergsund              randaberg              silsand              kopervik              tollnes              strindheim              skarphedin              sunndal              malvik              skotfoss              follebu              nittedal              trysil              skedsmo              lyngdal              surnadal              finnsnes              hasselvika              clausenengen              skytterlag              fjellhamar              heddal              stryn              vindbjart              vardeneset              tynset              hurdal              skytebane              runar              nidelv              buvik              hasle              nannestad              verdal             

Examples of "vormsund"
Vormsund is a village in the municipality of Nes, Akershus, Norway. Its population (2005) is 461.
He joined Bryne in 2008 from Lyn, later Randaberg, Nybergsund, Funnefoss/Vormsund and Ålgård.
The 313 bus from Skarnes to Oslo goes through Dysterud, Skogbygda, Herbergåsen, Opaker, Vormsund, Rød, Langbakk, Borgen and Skibakk.
Funnefoss/Vormsund Idrettslag ("Fu/Vo") is a Norwegian sports club from Nes, Akershus. It has sections for association football and amateur boxing.
It was founded as a merger between "Funnefoss IF" and "Vormsund IL". Funnefoss IF was founded on 6 December 1924, and Fu/Vo counts this as their founding date. Funnefoss was a member of the Workers' Sport Confederation for a short time. The merger took place on 5 February 1967. It covers the villages Funnefoss, Oppåkermoen and Vormsund in Nes, and the home ground is at Oppåkermoen.
Geir Frigård (born 3 November 1970 in Vormsund) is a former Norwegian football striker who retired in 2007. He played five times for the national team, scoring one goal. In 1997–98, he was top scorer in the Austrian Bundesliga.
He grew up in Frøya, moved to Trondheim at the age of twelve, and resides in Vormsund. He also spends some of his time writing at a cabin in Fjällbacka, Sweden. He is married and has three children, and is also an uncle of skier Petter Tande. In 2008 Tande-Petersen called for celebrities to unveil more of their private life to the media. The logic was that a celebrity himself enters people's private sphere through the television screen or other media. Tande-Petersen had experienced intense media pressure after his involvement in the bankruptcy.
Tande-Petersen also had a foray into restaurant ownership. Together with two friends, he started the company "Tande-P Drift" in 2000 and opened restaurants in Trondheim, Verdalsøra, Lillestrøm, Kragerø and Oslo and two in Vormsund. The company went bankrupt in January 2003. The restaurant in Trondheim was taken over by another of his companies, "Skauum Drift". Lawyer Gunnar Kvamme was chairman, but he backed out in September the same year, and Tande-Petersen had to take over. That company too went bankrupt, but because of Tande-Petersen's short time as chairman, he was not indicted.