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Examples of "votapek"
Ralph Votapek (born 1939 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin) is an American pianist notable for winning the First Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 1962.
Votapek was a professor of piano and Artist in Residence at the Michigan State University College of Music, and served there for 36 years before retiring.
From the age of nine, he studied music at the Wisconsin Conservatory in Milwaukee, as well as Northwestern University, Manhattan, and Juilliard. Votapek was awarded the Naumburg Award in 1959, and performed his debut recital at New York's Town Hall. After winning the First Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in 1962, Votapek signed contracts with RCA and Sol Hurok, and made his debut at Carnegie Hall.
Noted faculty have included the pianists Adelaide Banaszynski ("Miss B"), Ralph Votapek, David Hazeltine, and Berkeley Fudge. Other current and former faculty include Margaret Hawkins, Lee Dougherty, Pearl Brice, Benjamin Verdery, Rebecca Penneys, Tony King and Jessie Hauck.
The First Van Cliburn International Piano Competition took place in Fort Worth, Texas from September 24 to October 7, 1962. It was won by American pianist Ralph Votapek, while Soviets Nikolai Petrov and Mikhail Voskresensky earned the silver and bronze medals.
Doerrfeld's compositions have been performed by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Youngstown Symphony, Saint Petersburg State Symphony Orchestra and Lamont Symphony. He has been a featured guest of the Northwest Sinfonietta and the Methow Music Festival. His piano compositions have also been performed internationally by Ralph Votapek, winner of the first Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.
She continued her studies under Joseph Stanford, Steven De Groote, Ralph Votapek and Earl Wild. Petronel completed both her Master of Music and Doctor of Musical Arts degrees at the University of North Texas College of Music, studying with Joseph Banowetz.
With the Paganini Quartet, he recorded 11 of the Beethoven string quartets for RCA Victor. These were remastered and reissued on CD's in 2012 by United Archives. On other labels they recorded Joseph Haydn's “Emperor” and Mozart’s “Dissonant” quartets, and quartets by Britten, Debussy, Ravel, Schumann, Verdi, Ginastera, Lajhta, and Benjamin Lees; the Schumann Piano Quintet and Fauré Piano Quartet No. 1 with Arthur Rubinstein (reissued on BMG CD in 1999); and the Brahms Piano Quintet with Ralph Votapek.
Goldsand taught legions of students during his long tenure at the Manhattan School, as an Internet search for his name quickly reveals. Among the celebrated students were Suezenne Fordham , Neil Galanter, Harris Goldsmith , Anne Koscielny , Thomas Schumacher , and Ralph Votapek . Henry Edmundson, a student for one year not long before Goldsand’s death, indicates that Goldsand, like any artist-teacher of his rank, expected the student to have memorized the work under study before taking a lesson, which would concentrate on interpretation; according to Edmundson, Goldsand was "a stickler for tradition" and demanded that the student adhere to Goldsand’s way of playing a piece. Harris Goldsmith recalls Goldsand as a "pianistic charmer" with "debonair technical ease," citing an instance when Goldsand demonstrated with his left hand how to obtain the desired legato in the coda of Chopin's fourth ballade.
Nicholas Roth is an American classical pianist, recording artist and professor of piano at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. He appeared as soloist with the St. Louis Symphony and the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra under Raymond Leppard, among others. Roth has been featured in recitals and festivals throughout the United States and Europe. He was a 1993 Beethoven Fellow of the American Pianists Association. Roth holds the Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Michigan State University, Artist Diploma from the Hochschule für Musik in Munich, and M.M. and B.M. degrees from Indiana University, where he was also the recipient of the Performer’s Certificate. He studied with Ralph Votapek, Eliso Virsaladze, Helmut Deutsch, Edward Auer, Emilio del Rosario, and Michel Block. Roth has recorded works of Schumann, Scriabin, Rachmaninov, Blumenfeld, and Grieg with the Blue Griffin Recording label.
The adjunct faculty for the 2010 Piano Academy includes Matthew Gianforte, Orla McDonagh, and Kazuha Nakahara. Guest master teachers have played an equally crucial role in the Academy’s success. Each year, they feature some of the world’s most distinguished artist teachers in master classes, lecture-recitals and performances. In honor of their 2010 anniversary, the Academy has put together a stellar roster of master teachers including loyal friends of the Academy: Read Gainsford, Menahem Pressler and Karen Shaw, returning guests Joseph Kalichstein and Nelita True, Andre Watts. Among the noted artist teachers who have shared their insights and expertise with the Academy over the years are Edward Auer, Edmund Battersby, Jonathan Biss, Marvin Blickenstaff, Hans Boepple, Evelyne Brancart, Enrica Cavallo-Gulli, Constance Knox Carroll, Richard Cass, Frederic Chiu, Mia Chung, Arnaldo Cohen, Robert Durso, Sophia Gilmson, Jean-Louis Haguenauer, Eric Larsen, Marion Hall, Leonard Hokanson, Jeffrey Jacob, Rosita Kerr-Mang, Barbara Lister-Sink, Anthony de Mare, Virginia Marks, Natalie Matovinovic, Yong Hi Moon, Louis Nagel, Emile Naoumoff, Walter Robert, Ann Schein, Logan Skelton, James Tocco, Irina Voro, Ralph Votapek, Weekley and Arganbright, John Weems and Robert Weirich.