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Examples of "vtw"
Flylab produce a range of variants of the basic Flylab Tucano (toucan) model. Their offerings include the popular Tucano basic model, the improved Tucano V, its amphibious version Tucano HV, the budget Tucano Delta3 ("Deltatre"), the amphibious Tucano HD3 and HD3A and the twin-engined Tucano Delta3 TW and Delta3 VTW. With a cost of slightly less than €11,000, the Tucano Delta3 is one of the cheapest ready to fly ultralights available on the market.
In August 2010, VTW announced their return, with new members Chris Flippin of Lagwagon and Bryan Charlson of Spence's side band Crooks & Liars. They stated they were set to work on a new EP with an accompanying tour to follow. However, in 2011 the band announced that they had opted to release a full album instead. On July 30, 2011 a new song "In Fear of Finale" was released. It is the first new material from the band since the song "Blue and Cold". Later, on September 13, the band posted an acoustic preview of another song, titled "A Love Song for Amsterdam". In 2012, Versus the World embarked on a full scale European tour, including a date on the festival Groezrock. On April 25, 2012 the album was finally announced as "Drink. Sing. Live. Love." due to be released July 13 on Viking Funeral Records. On July 31, a music video for the track "A Fond Farewell" was put out to coincide with the album's US release.