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shchedov              tverdostup              kreminskyi              vasilijus              zyuskov              demydyuk              matviychuk              krasovskyi              shulgaguide              olexiy              novikau              lyzhikhin              yakushevskiy              melnykov              mihalachi              letnicov              slobodenyuk              grabovskyy              kazlou              mikhayartem              hryvko              lobkov              mikalai              kuksenkov              lukashevych              karaliou              nadtokaivan              lebid              fedoriv              kazanovs              yauhen              borisovdenis              dmitrijs              shturbabin              aliaksei              maksel              kostoglod              popkovvitaliy              lagkuti              bychenok              yepishin              shkurlatov              sankovich              teklinski              aydarski              bychenko              shabasov              shabunin              smelyk              shyrshov             

Examples of "vynokurov"
Andriy Vynokurov (born August 14, 1982) is a Ukrainian professional track cyclist.
Shortly after his first Olympics, Kwiatkowski started the 2005–2006 season at the European Championships, where he helped the Polish squad score a more satisfactory triumph in the men's team sprint. He also added a silver medal to his seasonal career hardware in the final match against Ukraine's Andriy Vynokurov at the first stage of the UCI World Cup series in Moscow, Russia, making him the most successful male rider of the season by the Polish Cycling Federation.
Polynskiy qualified for the Russian squad, in two track cycling events at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing by receiving a berth from the UCI Track World Rankings. In the men's team sprint, held on the first day of the track program, Polynskiy and his teammates Denis Dmitriev and Sergey Kucherov battled in an opening heat against the Aussies (led by five-time Olympic veteran Shane Kelly) with a twelfth-place time in 45.964 and an average speed of 59.647 km/h, failing to advance further to the top eight match round. The following day, in the men's Keirin, Polynskiy could not ignite a late surge on the final stretch to defeat against three other cyclists Kiyofumi Nagai of Japan, Andrii Vynokurov of Ukraine, and Ricardo Lynch of Jamaica for the semifinal spot in the repechage.
Ricardo Lynch represented Jamaica as its sole cyclist at the Beijing Olympics. Born in 1984, Lynch was 23 years old at the time of his participation in Beijing, representing the Caribbean island in the men's keirin event. He had not previously competed in any Olympic games or event. Having not initially qualified for the event, Lynch was given a second chance in the third heat of the August 15 repechage round against three other cyclists. He ranked third between the Ukraine's second place finalist Andrii Vynokurov and Russia's fourth place finalist Sergey Polynskiy. The heat leader, Kiyofumi Nagai of Japan, won the repechage heat and advanced to the next round. Lynch did not progress.