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uelzen              schorndorf              bretten              leonberg              backnang              gunzenhausen              kirchhain              bruchsal              haiger              borken              lichtenfels              eppingen              hausach              lippstadt              friedrichsdorf              schwandorf              kempten              monsheim              menden              herrenberg              meckenheim              calw              wolfratshausen              aschersleben              hattingen              kronach              villingen              freudenstadt              forchheim              brilon              heppenheim              kamenz              eilenburg              fellbach              rottweil              schwerte              dieburg              radolfzell              memmingen              ehingen              sonneberg              brugg              guben              weilheim              hofheim              neustrelitz              meinerzhagen              kaltenkirchen              gelnhausen              coesfeld             

Examples of "waiblingen"
Lines S2 and S3 of the S-Bahn serve the Stuttgart–Waiblingen section and line S2 serves the Waiblingen–Schorndorf section.
The following towns were incorporated into Waiblingen:
Waiblingen station includes the following platform tracks:
In Germany, like Ricarda Lisk she represents "VfL Waiblingen."
The hamlets "Himmlingsweiler" and "Waiblingen" belong to Fachsenfeld.
Nellmersbach is a breakpoint at the Waiblingen-Schwäbisch Hall railway.
Waiblingen station is a railway station in the city of Waiblingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg. The station is located at the junction of the Rems Railway () and the Murr Railway ("Murrbahn").
Schwaikheim station was officially opened on 26 October 1876. The State Railway took the first section of the Waiblingen–Schwäbisch Hall railway (Murr Valley Railway) between Waiblingen and Backnang into operation on that day.
Waiblingen was the property of the Salian kings, from whom the Hohenstaufen dukes and kings inherited it. It is assumed that the Italian name of the Hohenstaufen party, Ghibelline, is derived from "Waiblingen".
The following cities and municipalities border Weinstadt (listed clockwise from west): Kernen im Remstal; Waiblingen; Korb, an exclave of Waiblingen; Remshalden; and Winterbach (all in Rems-Murr-Kreis); and Baltmannsweiler and Aichwald (in Landkreis Esslingen).
Waiblingen station is served by S-Bahn trains on lines S2 and S3 of the Stuttgart S-Bahn and Regional-Express trains on lines R2 and R3. Long-distance services generally do not stop in Waiblingen.
On 26 October 1899, the State Railways opened a second mainline track between Waiblingen and Schorndorf.
Lisk lives in Waiblingen, Saarbrücken, Pontevedra and, in winter, in Stellenbosch.
Wolfgang Straub (born 1969 in Waiblingen) is a Swiss lawyer and photographer.
Hohenacker, once a town, is now part of Waiblingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
Giuseppe Catizone (born 20 September 1977 in Waiblingen, Germany) is an Italian football player.
In January 2007 Elanders acquired the "Sommer Corporate Media" in Waiblingen, Germany.
In Germany, Ricarda Lisk has represented the club "VfL Waiblingen" since 1992.
The station is a railway junction where the Backnang–Ludwigsburg railway branches off the Waiblingen–Schwäbisch Hall railway. Platform track 1 is used mostly by trains on line 4 of the S-Bahn running towards Marbach. Trains towards Waiblingen stop on track 3. Trains towards Schwäbisch Hall-Hessental stop on track 4. Line S 3 S-Bahn services towards Waiblingen start on track 5. It is classified by Deutsche Bahn as a category 3 station.
"versbrechen - ein Fingerboard für Kirchner" (2010) for Cello with Curved Bow, First Performance: Galerie Stihl, Waiblingen, Germany 2010