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Examples of "wakeboards"
Schwenk's sponsors include: CWB Wakeboards, Proline Ropes & Handles, MasterCraft Boats, Spy Optics, Rusty Clothing.
Natique Boats, Hyperlite Wakeboards, Breathe Boardwear, Orig Audio, Wakami, Rollei Action Cam, and Peripheral Life and Style
Wakeboards with continuous rocker are faster to ride because the water flows without disruption across the bottom of the wakeboard. Wakeboards with a three-stage rocker push more water in front of the wakeboard, making the ride slower; however riders are able to jump higher off the water because the three-stage rocker increases the "pop" off the wake.
Mastercraft Boats, Coors Light, Maple Lodge Farms, Quiksilver, Roxy, Buckeye Marine, Liquid Force Wakeboards, Sony PlayStation, Levi's, Gillette, Bombardier, Dragon Optical, VW, Rogers Wireless, Beaver Buzz Energy.
Throughout the years different riders have been known to ride wakeboards that may seem too big or too small for them according to the manufacturer’s sizing chart. The reason is that wakeboards a size smaller or a size bigger can help distinguish a certain style of riding. Using a smaller wakeboard will make the wakeboard feel lighter, spin faster, and seem more aggressive, but also makes clean landings more difficult. Using a larger wakeboard lends a slower, smoother style.
O'Shea is married to Douglas Jeffery. In 2007, she said that she runs and wakeboards, and a large motivation to move to Harvard was for the chance to teach undergrads.
Nouhra became a board member of SWS Board Technology, a manufacturers of wakeboards and snowboards, in 2012. In 2014, he became a board member at the Sealegs International, a public company that manufactures boats in New Zealand. He stepped down from the board in 2016. He also serves as the CEO of Solico Aluminum and Solico Trading.
Traveled to each stop promoting MasterCraft and CWB Wakeboards as well as handling PR for event and team athletes on site. He continued to work in the design process with both MasterCraft and CWB helping to develop the 2006 Innovation of the Year Hinge Technology.
Hyperlite wakeboards were not only amongst the first wakeboards on the scene but founder Herb O'Brien was one of the founding members of this now nationally known X-Game. Herb - who owned the water ski company, H.O. Sports hooked up with some of the best surfboard shapers in Hawaii to design and build the first compression-molded neutral-buoyancy wakeboard, the Hyperlite. This innovation sparked the massive growth of what today is known as wakeboarding. Some of the first names of this new sport were skiboarding, and even skurfing, but those only lasted for a few years; Ultimately wakeboarding became the official name of this sport. The Hyperlite's new features such as: neutral buoyancy and better bindings gave riding behind a boat a new feel that was comfortable and accessible.
SaltWorks was founded in 2001 in Redmond, Washington by husband-wife team Mark Zoske and Naomi Novotny. Zoske previously designed water skis and wakeboards and Novotny worked in business development for a software company. The company was founded as an Internet-based business that sold gourmet salts. The couple initially financed the company with $1500 in credit cards. The company originally focused on individual consumers, but expanded to sell to grocers in the US and Canada, food manufacturers and specialty retailers.
Zane Schwenk (born July 17, 1975, Sarasota, Florida, USA) is a professional Wakeboarder. He now lives in Winter Haven, Florida. He started professional wakeboarding in 1993 and is still active in the sport today. 2008 marked his 15th year as a Professional, he has also competed in the X Games. He is also the host of the MasterCraft Video series "Rewind". Schwenk has also has his own line of CWB wakeboards, the Absolute.
There are many different bottom designs in wakeboards – it is a feature wakeboard shapers use to express their own style. On the bottom of the wakeboard can be seen concaves, channels or maybe nothing at all. Each performs a different function, fine-tuning how the wakeboard rides through the water according to its width from tip to tail, fin setup, rocker and tip and tail shape.
Hyperlite Wakeboards is a company that continues to create technology that pushes the limits and allows its riders to perform to the best of their ability, while not neglecting the lifestyle of the rider. To facilitate different riders of different shapes, sizes and styles Hyperlite boast three different core types, as well as six hydrodynamic shell and dozens of designs that give Hyperlite not only its name but its reputation as well. Hyperlite combines the technology that the rider needs with the design that the rider loves.
Herb O'Brien continued to refine the wakeboard. The board had a thin profile, sharp edges and would carve like a slalom ski. It also had phasers (large dimples on the bottom), which broke up water adhesion and gave the board a quicker "loose" feel and softer landings from wake jumps. The thin shape, neutral buoyancy and phasers were features made possible by the compression-molding process. Following the lead of the H.O. Sports, other board companies such as Neptune and Connelly started manufacturing their own compression molded wakeboards and the sport really began to catch fire.
Skurfing is a sport that has many origins but is said to be created in Australia and New Zealand with bindingless hand-shaped boards designed specifically for towing A 'skurf board' was lent to Jeff Darby and friends in Queensland, Australia, who started to make their own and who later came in contact with Tony Finn who was to later produce their brand 'Skurfer' under royalty. On the other side of the world in 1983, Howard Jacobs created several wakeboards by mounting windsurfing foot straps and partial hydroslide pads on some smaller surfboards that he had shaped; by 1984, he was throwing backflips on the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida.
Hyperlite wakeboards have come a long way in the past several years. Now featuring top of the line technology that professionals and novices alike can appreciate and enjoy. This famous sport now has dozens of wakeboard manufacturers and Hyperlite has branched out specializing in only top of the line wakeboard gear, from ropes and specialized handles to boots and apparel. Hyperlite has even started to manufacture the Wakeskate which is exactly what it sounds like, a wakeboard that utilizes just the technology of the board, your feet and your body's ability to harness the laws of physics.
In 1995 three weeks before the World Championships Finn and Redmon founded a new firm called Liquid Force. Just in time for the Championships the two were able to present their new brand for the first time to the public by providing their team riders with Liquid Force Wakeboards and outfits . The company has won the WSIA Manufacturer of the Year award in 2005 and 2008. In 2008 Liquid Force bought Straight Line manufacturer of wakeboard and water ski ropes from the Yoshida Group.
Body Glove International, LLC is a surf/dive/wake/ outdoor water sports brand started in the United States. Body Glove was founded in 1953 by twin brothers Bill and Bob Meistrell. The brothers are often credited for inventing the first practical wetsuit in the early 1950s in the back of their Redondo Beach, California surf shop, Dive N' Surf. From those wetsuits Body Glove branched out into other product categories: they now make wetsuits, swimsuits, clothing, shoes, life vests, sunglasses, wakeboards, towables, backpacks, phone cases and snorkeling equipment.
Murray's wakeboarding career started in 1995 and has been full of innovation and accomplishment, including many Pro tour and World championship titles. He promoted his own "Backyard Tour" with pro-rider and friend Gerry Nunn, has been featured in many wakeboard movies, magazine and television pieces, created his own wakeboard instructional series entitled "Detention", and is the star of his own video game, Wakeboarding Unleashed. In the summer of 2004, Murray dislocated his knee while riding. He tore his ACL, PCL, and MCL. After reconstructive surgery he was told he might not ride again. But, just months later he was back riding. He has helped develop signature products that include boats, wakeboards, life jackets, wet suits, and clothing lines.
The mid-1970s brought a major drought to Southern California that parched Los Angeles. This drought brought on severe water restrictions, forcing many pool owners in the well-to-do neighborhoods to leave their swimming pools drained. The Z-Boys took their surf style of skating to the empty pools. This was the birth of vertical skating, and it became the basis for skateboarding and many of the extreme sports seen today. One day during a skating session in the fall of 1977 in a pool nicknamed "the Dogbowl" in Santa Monica, the "eureka" moment arrived. Tony Alva pushed more and more on the coping until his board completely cleared the edge of the pool and landed back in the pool, completing the very first aerial. This revolutionized skateboarding and many extreme sports. Many of the tricks performed on skateboards, and later snowboards, wakeboards, rollerblades and BMX bikes, would be performed in midair from that point on. The Z-Boys and their "Dogtown" style revived skateboarding, which had been on a major down-hill slump since the mid-1960s.