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Examples of "wambergue"
Drivers included Jean-Pierre Beltoise, Max Mammers, Remy Julienne, Jean-Pierre Jaussaud, Johnny Servoz-Gavin, Jean-Claude Andruet, Philippe Wambergue.
The first sport variant of the Visa included the "Visa GT" (1.4 L with double-barrel carburettor and 80 hp (59 kW) DIN), the "Visa Chrono" (93 hp (68 kW) from the 1.4 L engine, this time with two double-barrel carbs). The Visa "Mille Pistes" (naturally aspirated 112 hp (82 kW) and four-wheel drive) was the rare production version of Citroën's successful (if unlikely looking) Group B Visa rally car, the Visa Chrono and Chrono II. The Mille Pistes was built in 200 examples in 1983 and received its name after a Visa 4 x 4 competing in the experimental category won this rally in 1983, with Wambergue and Laverne driving. The evolution models were modified by Denis Mathiot; the displacement was increased to 1440 cc and the resulting power ranged from , with the weight down to .