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Examples of "warb"
Dovyalis caffra (Warb.), Aberia caffra (Harv. & Sond) the Umkokola, Kei apple, Kai apple, or Kau apple, is a small to medium-sized tree, native to southern Africa. Its distribution extends from the Kei River in the south, from which the common name derives, northwards along the eastern side of the continent to Tanzania. The ripe fruits are tasty, reminiscent of a small apple.
WASO, whose call letters stood for "Where America Speaks Out", was originally WARB, owned by the Blossman family who owned a local bank (the call letters stood for Alfred R. Blossman.) The station was sold in 1992 to Robert Namer, a conservative talk show host who launched the station after he left WSLA AM.
While attempting to move the sarcophagi of Freedon Nadd and Queen Amanoa to the moon of Dxun, Jedi Knights Arca Jeth, Ulic Qel-Droma, Cay Qel-Droma, Tott Doneeta and Oss Wilum are attacked by several hundred Naddists, led by Warb Null, invading Iziz from underground. While distracting the Iziz forces, a group of Naddists are able to snatch the sarcophagi and take it back with them underground.
Master Arca, Ulic and Queen Galia consult Galia's ailing father, King Ommin, for assistance. However, they are confronted by the spirit of Freedon Nadd, and Ommin betrays his seemingly immobile state by attacking Master Arca, knocking him unconscious. Warb Null comes in and attacks Ulic, but is soon bested and killed by the young Jedi. Unfortunately, this gives Ommin the time he needs to kidnap Master Arca.
Josef Albers, Aagaard Andersen, Jean Arp, Jean-Michel Atlan, Willy Baumeister, André Bloc, André Bruyère, Busse, Marcelle Cahn, Antonio Carderara, Fernando Chevrier, Jean Couy, Heinrich Davring, Sonia Delaunay, Jean Deyrolle, Domela, Piero Dorazio, Adolphe Richard Fleishmann, Nato Frascà, Günter Fruhtrunk, Paolo Ghilardi, Gilioli, Hajdu, Johannes Itten, Joseph Jarema, Lapique, Jean Leppien, Anselmo Legnagni, Henri Lhotellier, Alberto Magnelli, Willy Maywald, François Morellet, Robert Mortensen, Bruno Munari, Aurélie Nemours, Henri Nouveau, Vera Pagava, Penalba, Edgar Pillet, Serge Poliakoff, Hans Reichel, Hans Richter, Michel Seuphor, Atanasio Soldati, Ferdinand Springer, Edgar Stoëbel, Gunta Stölzl, Nicolas Warb.
The Diederichs's stone (German: Diederichsstein, ) was a German monument in the city of Qingdao to commemorate Admiral Otto von Diederichs and the German occupation of the Kiautschou Bay concession on November 14, 1897. The monument was dedicated on November 21, 1898 by Prince Henry of Prussia. It was located at an elevation of 98m, about halfway up the southwestern slope of the Signal Mountain (, the official German name of the mountain at the time was "Diederichsberg" ). Its most prominent feature was a plate decorated with the imperial eagle of the German Empire and the inscription "For him who won for Kaiser and Reich the land all around, let this rock be named Diederichs's stone" ("Der hier für Kaiser warb u. [und] Reich ringsher das Land, nach ihm sei dieser Felsen Diederichsstein genannt"). Below the plate was a rock inscription that read "In this place on November 14th, 1897, Admiral v.[von] Diederichs took possession of the Kiautschou territory" ("Am 14. November 1897 ergriff an dieser Stelle der Admiral v.[von] Diederichs Besitz vom Kiautschou Gebiet"). A separate Chinese inscription was located to the right-hand side of the German text. The entire monument stood about 5 meters tall. After Japan occupied Qingdao in November 1914, a Japanese inscription (executed using Chinese characters: 大正三年十一月七日, "November 7 of the third year of the Taishō period") was placed across the imperial eagle. When Japan handed Qingdao back to the China on December 10, 1922, the monument was dismantled and parts taken to a military museum in Tokyo.