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natsu              itsuka              jigoku              gakari              hitori              kamisama              soshite              yuushi              gakuto              omoi              kuroi              zetsubou              shiranai              otona              nemuritai              isekai              yasashii              ikite              wasurenai              dakishimete              musuko              nichijou              dokusho              ookami              tokubetsu              boku              danshi              inochi              itsumademo              tenka              ikenai              mienai              atsuki              taiyou              tenshi              shimai              zutto              kurayami              utsukushii              meisaku              kareshi              itsumo              utae              suzuri              gunshi              hajimari              nisshi              isuke              shigotonin              hanabira             

Examples of "wasurenagusa"
Her second novel, "Hamaguri", won the Prix Ringuet in 2000. Her fourth, "Wasurenagusa", won the Canada-Japan Literary Prize in 2002. Her fifth, "Hotaru", won the 2005 Governor General's Award for French fiction. Her books have been translated in English, Japanese, German, Hungarian and Russian.
The first opening song, "Asu e" by Galileo Galilei and the ending, by Minami Kuribayashi were used from episodes 1 to 15. From episodes 16 to 28, "Sharp#" by Negoto and "My World" by Spyair were used as the opening and ending themes, respectively. From episode 29-39, the opening theme was "Real" by Vivid, and the ending theme was "White Justice" by Faylan. Episode 40 onwards has "Aurora" by Aoi Eir as the opening and "Forget-me-not (Wasurenagusa)" by Flower as the ending.
On July 22, 2009, he released his first physical single, "Thanatos" feat. Tissue Hime and later made his major debut with Ki/oon Records at a concert at Shibuya AX on March 27, 2010. Piko's major debut single "Story" was released October 13, 2010. Then, he concentrated on performing many songs of anime. His second major single, "Wasurenagusa", was released in December 2010 and was used as the Ending theme for the anime Tegami Bachi REVERSE. On March 9, 2011, his 4th major single, "Sakurane" was chosen as the Ending theme for the anime Gin Tama. On August 15, 2012, his 7th major single "Make My Day" which was used as the opening track for the anime Binbougami ga!. On June 5, 2013, his 8th major single "Kotonoha" was used as the ending theme for the anime Katanagatari (Noitamina version).
The story of this installment of the Gundam meta-series is divided into four arcs. Each of the first three arcs focus on one among three different protagonists who are members of the same family (a father, his son and his grandson), each one piloting his own version of the eponymous mecha during an interplanetary conflict that spans a whole century. The first arc is set between episodes 1 and 15, with by Galileo Galilei as its opening song and by Minami Kuribayashi as its ending song. The second arc is set between episodes 16 and 28, with "sharp#" by Negoto as its opening song, and "My World" by SPYAIR as its ending song. The third arc is set between episodes 29 and 39 with "Real" by ViViD as its opening song, and "WHITE Justice" by Faylan as its ending song. A fourth and final arc focusing on all three protagonists at once is set between episodes 40 and 49 with "AURORA" by Aoi Eir as its opening song, and "Forget-me-not ~Wasurenagusa~" by FLOWER as its ending song.