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Examples of "waterski"
Australian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation is the governing body for the sport of Waterski and Wakeboard in Australia.
Since 2004, Dubna has been a venue for Waterski World Cup stops. Dubna is a venue for the 2011 World Waterski Championships (July, 17-24 2011).
In 1994 Hazelwood appeared as a stunt double in the movie My Father the Hero. He also appeared on the cover of several waterski periodicals including Waterski Magazine.
Franklin, an INT slalom waterski competitor, was the television analyst for the Waterski World Cup for Versus Television and Outdoor Life Networks through the 1990s.
Kyle Waterski Club has been active on the loch for around 30 years. The clubhouse is based at the southern end of the loch where there is a car park, slipway and a short jetty as well as the club's changing facilities. Kyle WSC is affiliated to both the British Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (BWSW) and Waterski Scotland.
The Dutch Waterski Association is a member organization of the International Water Ski Federation.
Annual activities include the "Club Marine Southern 80" waterski race, the largest waterski race in the world (February), the "Riverboats Music Festival" (February), the "Echuca Moama Weddings Expo" (May), the "Steam Rally Echuca" (Long weekend June) and the "Echuca Moama Winter Blues Festival" (July).
He was a representative for Malaysia in the 1992 Junior World Waterski Championships held in Colombia, before he concentrated on his motorsport career.
Recent club sports offerings at Washington College have included Dance Club, Equestrian, Lacrosse, Rugby, Trap and Skeet, Wakeboard and Waterski Club.
Dubna's sports facilities include two stadiums, a waterski stadium on the Volga River, three swimming pools, tennis courts, and five sports complexes.
In 2016, the "International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation" lost its right to the term "IWWF" and now must use its old tag "IWSF"
His parents have provided monetary support to help him waterski. Reardon has competed in his state's able bodied water skiing competition, and was the first person with a disability to win it. He competed at the 2007 Disabled World Championships in Townsville, where he earned a gold medal For the jump event. In 2009, he competed at the Australian Tournament Waterski disabled titles, where he earned a trio of gold medals. At the 2009 World Water Ski Championships, he won jump and overall.
Later, John Dickenson used a boat-towing to kite himself in his adaptation of the Ryan flexible-wing flexible wing craft, a version of the stiffened Rogallo-wing kite in September 1963; he did not foot-launch glide. Dickenson's Ski Wing water ski kites played a role in promoting delta waterski kiting in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Prior to that, mainly truncated diamond flat kites were used in waterski sport.
Georgia Groen is a New Zealand barefoot water-skier. In 2016, she won the overall open women's title at the Barefoot Waterski World Championships held in Wisconsin, United States.
North of Egham is Wraysbury, home of the British Disabled Waterski Association. South is Thorpe Park, a large theme park of rides and attractions. Also near Egham is Ascot Racecourse - another big attraction.
It is the site of the Scotland National Waterski Centre, and is surrounded by a country park comprising pathways (some of which were originally railway lines for coal works) and a forest.
0-5446 / Morning dips, HEY! Kiwi discs / Say, Kiniya, rise and shine / Meet, out in the pines / Cross many miles, see the smiles / Girls, to waterski, riding, Woo! / White and blue, forever true / Dudley, at Kiniya / Taps!
A wide variety of waterskiing courses with fixed jumps is available and used by the Isis Waterski Club. Princess Margaret and her husband Lord Snowdon waterskied here during the 1960s.
Parrot was born and raised near the Bromont ski area in Québec. He began skiing at age 2 and discovered snowboarding at age 9. His father, Alain Parrot, was an alpine ski racer national hopeful and Canadian waterski champion.
Rother Valley Country Park is home to Sheffield Cable Waterski a cable waterski system. The system was installed when the Park was originally opened to the public and it was one of the few cable waterski systems in the UK at the time. The popularity of cable waterskiing has grown significantly since this time and there are now a number of these systems in the UK, mainly focused on offering kneeboarding and wakeboarding facilities and what is now called a Wake Park, which is a collection of obstacles (kickers and sliders etc.) floating in the lake that riders will "hit" on their way round and do tricks from. Very similar to a snowboard or skateboard park.