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Examples of "waterskis"
Bruce McKee and associate Mitchell Ross negotiated with USA's Medalist Waterskis and the first American production was launched.
Later that year on the television show "Happy Days", motorcycle-riding character Fonzie performed a similar trick, albeit on waterskis, later inspiring the creation of the phrase "jump the shark."
Betty Bonifay is a professional water skier. In 1976, she developed a 360-degree swivel binding that allowed her to turn a full circle while on waterskis. She debuted the ski at Cypress Gardens' Super Show in 1977.
During his career Mapple founded his own company, Mapple Waterskis. The company was dissolved, but Andy's design carries on via Square One out of Washington. In 1987 he married Deena Brush, a professional water skier also. The couple lived on Lake Butler and had two children, Michael and Elyssa.
The talkshow has several regular segments like "Hyss i Småland" (Pranks in Småland) where they do various pranks dressed as 19th century farmers, mimicking the style of Emil i Lönneberga, and "Kan dette brukes som vann-ski?" (Can this be used as waterskis?)
The Southern 80 is an annual water-ski race held on the Murray River in Australia, finishing at the Victorian/NSW border towns of Echuca and Moama. The race, held on the second weekend in February, currently attracts around 900 competitors and 260 boats, as well as tens of thousands of spectators. Teams of four (a boat driver, an observer and two skiers) make up the vast bulk of entries over the 39 different classes, with racing on Saturday held over a 20 km course, starting at the Five Mile boat ramp and finishing at Victoria Park in Echuca, while Sunday's racing is held over the full 80 km course, starting from Torrumbarry Weir and finishing at Victoria Park. Classes cater for different engine capacities of both inboards and outboards, as well as a range of age classes (under 10s, under 13s, under 16s, under 19s). There is also a women's and disabled class, and series of Social classes for skiers who use waterskis with the same dimensions and bindings as regular slalom skis, rather than the long "rail" waterskis used by Expert class skiers
The day ends in a comical twist when the mother-daughter pair wish a new request: To return to themselves. This does happen, although in a different manner than before: They are physically tranferred, with Annabel suddenly sitting now behind the wheel of a car with Ben and Boris, with none of them knowing how to drive and attracting the attention of several squad cars. Ellen in turn finds herself on waterskis while she (as Annabel) was scheduled to participate in an aquacade. Bill, who has prospective clients at the aquacade, fears unemployment as he sees Ellen flailing helplessly on skis, but her antics amuse the clients so much that Bill wins the account.
Bruce McKee and associate Mitchell Ross negotiated with USA's Medalist Waterskis and the first American production was launched. The launch of the product, American version being named the "Surf-Ski" was in 1984 at Chicago's IMTEC show. At the show McKee also met Tony Finn who would be the proposed California representative. Tony Finn went on to do his own negotiations with Darby and company from Australia and the result as mentioned above were the US boards later launched under the "Skurfer" brand name in September, 1985. The name was supplied by the guys from Darby who also supplied the first board designs. Jimmy Redmon independently developed his own production boards in the US under the name of "Redline Designs" at the same time Finn was releasing the "Skurfer" (Finn and Redmon later founded "Liquid Force"). The foam filled floating boards of the period went by many names, but the generic term eventually became "skiboard". Its riders participated in "skiboarding".
Free skier Shane McConkey was skiing on the Elan designs in 1996, but found they sank in the snow. As an experiment to get more "float" on the snow, he tried mounting ski bindings on waterskis while skiing in Alaska. He began working with Volant on skis that combined their metal-based production method, producing the aluminum-based Volant Huckster. In 1998 he was testing the Huckster with his friend Scott Gaffney, who reported that his bent Chubbs skied better than the new design because the tips didn't sink in the snow. McConkey took the design and used it to produce the radical Volant Spatula in 2002, which featured not only a banana-like reverse-camber but also a negative sidecut radius. On firm snow the skis were difficult to turn at all, but in powder the tips and tails bent up to produce the curved shape that caused them to carve. McConkey moved to K2 Sports and introduced the similar Pontoon design circa 2006.