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Examples of "waveski"
In 1984, waveski surfing became established as an offshoot of surf skiing with the formation of the World Waveski Surfing Association.
Waveski Surfing is a dynamic sport combining the paddle power of a sit on top kayak with the manoeuvrability and performance of a surfboard. A Waveski resembles a larger surfboard, with the addition of a seat, fins, foot straps, and seat belt, enabling the rider to 'eskimo roll' if overturned. The waveski rider or waveski surfer uses a double ended kayak paddle for motion while seated in the waveski.
A variation on the closed cockpit surf kayak is called a waveski. Although the waveski offers dynamics similar to a sit–on–top, its paddling technique and surfing performance and construction can be similar to surfboard designs.
There are several kinds of waveskis, including the shorter and "fatter" Australian style ski, used for high performance "slash and burn" surfing, and American style waveskis perhaps epitomized by Steve Boehne's Infinity Surf Shop skis. There are also skegless skis for performing tricks, and even tandem skis. The "Jbay" wave ski shape has become the predominant shape of a ski nowadays with riders positioned further back on the ski for better maneuverability. High performance skis weigh and are custom made, using epoxy resin and EPS foam, which makes the waveski light and strong. The sport provides fun and exercise for beginners through to advanced riders. A waveski is not to be confused with a surf ski. Waveskis are designed for surfing ocean waves and surf skis are designed for racing in open water, as seen in Magnum P.I., the Tom Selleck TV series.
A waveski is a type of short surf ski similar to a surf board, used primarily in surf play. It is usually less than 3 m (10 ft) long, typically with a wide planing type bottom and with one to three fixed skegs, or fins.
Standup surfing begins when the surfer paddles toward shore in an attempt to match the speed of the wave (The same applies whether the surfer is standup paddling, bodysurfing, boogie-boarding or using some other type of watercraft, such as a waveski or kayak.). Once the wave begins to carry the surfer forward, the surfer stands up and proceeds to ride the wave. The basic idea is to position the surfboard so it is just ahead of the breaking part (whitewash) of the wave. A common problem for beginners is being able to catch the wave at all.