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Examples of "wbfo"
In 2005, Levan Kirakosyan was the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) World Champion.
Unlike its counterpart, WBFO which still had music programming overnight and on the weekend; WNED focused entirely on news and talk programming. Several of the programs on WNED and WBFO (specifically both drive time programs, "Morning Edition" and "All Things Considered") overlapped with different production teams for local inserts, each with its own hosts. (In addition, the weekend "A Prairie Home Companion" aired on both WNED-AM and WNED-FM, an arrangement that continues as of 2013 with WBFO and WNED-FM.)
His first loss was to Audley Harrison when he challenged for the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) heavyweight title in 2004.
In May 2002, Brodie won the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) Featherweight Title and added the IBO Featherweight Title in 2003.
Until March 1, 2012, WNED was one of two National Public Radio affiliates in Buffalo. The remaining affiliate is WBFO, formerly operated by the University of Buffalo. WBFO was purchased from the State of New York by the Western New York Public Broadcasting Association, the parent organization of WNED, WNED-TV and WNED-FM in July 2011.
All remaining local and syndicated music programming on WBFO, with the exception of the weekend afternoon blues blocks which were moved to evenings were eliminated on March 1, 2012, after WNED took over WBFO's operations; the only music programming on either WNED or WBFO were the blues blocks and "A Prairie Home Companion", which had previously aired on WNED.
Peñalosa returned to boxing two years later. He defeated Bangsaen Sithpraprom for the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) super flyweight title on 7 November 2004.
During the 1960s and 1970s, Stoll was assistant chief engineer at WBFO, a public radio station in his hometown of Buffalo, New York.
Her first fight was a points win against Veerle Braspenningx from Belgium in Oct 1999 and won the WBFo European Flyweight Title in July 2000.
Ajamu came back after that loss to Jones on January 19, 2007 to stop Craig Cummings for the Vacant World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) and NBA titles.
In October 2011, he defeated Thailand's Sintung Kietbusaba in his home town of Wollongong to claim the vacant the Middleweight world championship of the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo). Anthony Mundine had taken the title from him in 2009.
The availability of CJRT in the Buffalo, New York market may have been a factor in Buffalo's WBFO reducing its local jazz programming to late night weekend and overnight, and finally, on March 1, 2012, eliminating it entirely.
In February 1999, Carr became the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) World Middleweight Champion, defeating Steve Foster by a unanimous decision. He successfully defended this title in the following October beating Dingaan Thobela.
The Buffalo area is home to 14 AM stations and 21 FM stations. Major station operators include Entercom, Townsquare Media and Cumulus Media. In addition, National Public Radio operates a publicly funded station, WBFO 88.7.
He once held the fringe World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) Heavyweight title, but lost it to Audley Harrison via fourth round knockout on March 20, 2004 at Wembley Arena in London.
She started Kickboxing in 1992 as a hobby and only after three months her trainer suggested that she should enter her first competition. Exceptionally, she remained undefeated for 25 fights, winning both the BKBU and WBFo British Kick Boxing title.
He won the title of World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) world champion on June 6, 2005 fighting against Australian Nader Hamdan. He successfully defended the title on December 2 in the same year versus Argentinian Julio Vasquez.
Coverage of this effort includes coverage on PBS's "Newshour", on WBFO (Buffalo NPR affiliate), all TV channels in the Buffalo-Rochester area and in many newspapers both in the Northeast and also around Bay St. Louis, Missouri.
Johanneson began fighting out of England less than a year later, beginning the British phase of his career by TKO'ing Carl Greaves in 3 rounds at Wembley Stadium for the World Boxing Foundation (WBFo) super featherweight title.
WDCZ has not originated any programming of its own since 2012. The station operated as a commercial station from its launch in 1924 until 1975, then operated as a public radio station from 1975 to 2012. In its later years, much of its programming was duplicating that of competing FM station WBFO, which eventually prompted the two stations to merge operations (using WBFO's frequency) in 2012. After several months of simulcasting WBFO, the 970 facility was sold off to the owners of religious-formatted WDCX-FM, who in turn switched 970 to a simulcast of WDCX, a status it has held ever since.