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Examples of "weidlich"
Bärbel Podeswa ("née" Weidlich; born 8 December 1946 in Naumburg) is a retired East German hurdler.
Denis-Danso Weidlich (born 8 July 1986) is a Ghanaian-German footballer who plays for Holstein Kiel.
Weidlich, W. (1997) "Sociodynamics applied to the evolution of urban and regional structures". "Discrete Dynamics in Nature and Society", Vol. 1, pp. 85–98.
In June 2016 Weidlich was released by Holstein Kiel after one season with the club. He was a starter, making 32 appearances.
The first owner of this house, then at "Bahnhoffstraße 93", was Ernst Schmidt, a merchant. He stayed there until World War I. After 1900, it housed the seat of engineering firm "Weidlich & Berthold"
Ruža na asfaltu (The Asphalt Rose) is a Croatian musical with a book by Igor Weidlich, music by Darko Hajsek and lyrics by Darko Hajsek and Ladislav Prežigalo. It premiered at Zagreb's Komedija Theatre in October 2007.
Some of these controversies continue to the present day. Lorre M Weidlich, in the Spring 1996 (vol. 6, #9) Newsletter of the Studio Art Quilt Associates, uses Carol Gilligan's theory of the differences between male and female values to reject Michael James's call for stronger art in the quilt art world. She says that "the male, Jamesian model of 'quilt art' violates the very qualities that initially attracted women to quilting and reinforce their continuing pursuit of it. It feel[s], to a great many of them, alien. The imposition of a male model on a women's expressive form leaves in a position of discomfort the very people who are the life blood of the expressive form." Weidlich p 9. Weidlich argues that quilts emphasize relationship and connection, and that James would remove those association to conform to male standards of the artist as idiosyncratic and subversive.
Maik Baumgarten (born 26 April 1993) is a German footballer who plays for Rot-Weiß Erfurt. He made his debut for the club in December 2010, as a substitute for Denis-Danso Weidlich in a 4–0 win over VfR Aalen.
Pett began his career with Hansa Rostock, and spent five years playing for the reserve team before joining Goslarer SC in 2010. A year later he returned to Hansa Rostock II, and he was promoted to the first-team in September 2013, making his debut as a substitute for Denis Weidlich in a 1–1 draw with Chemnitzer FC in the 3. Liga.
With his career in film behind him, Kettelhut found work in the emerging television industry. He provided art direction for the television movies "Geschichte einer Geschichte" (1963) "Das Feuerzeichen" (1965) and "Schwarzer Freitag" ("Black Friday") and the short lived 1963 television comedy series "Die merkwürdigen Erlebnisse des Hansjürgen Weidlich". He died in Hamburg, West Germany on the 13 March 1979 at the age of 86.
The Surge had great success in its first season. After finishing first in the league at 34-14-8 at the end of the regular season, the Surge were presented the William B. Coffey Trophy as the regular season champions. The Surge advanced to the playoffs and faced the Columbus Cottonmouths in a series that they won 3-1. In the championship round the Surge were defeated by the Huntsville Havoc, sweeping the Surge 3-0. In addition to winning the William B. Coffey Trophy, the Surge also won many of the league’s player awards. Steffon Walby was chosen as Coach of the Year, Steve Weidlich was chosen as Defenseman of the Year and was named team captain the following season, and Bill Zaniboni was chosen as the Goalie of the Year.
The first worship was held at Goodrich School on October 15, 1961, as part of a mission of the Augustana Lutheran Church. On January 22, 1962, Prince of Peace became an official congregation with 66 baptized members. The church building was completed 1966, and then only consisted of the main sanctuary and the "North" Room. The sanctuary is designed in an octagonal shape, with exposed bricks and dark wooden beams throughout. The large multipurpose "East" Room was added in 1970, designed to host gatherings and events. Classrooms were added in 1982, and the office was expanded in 1989. Seven pastors have been called to Prince of Peace: Swanson, Huffman, Lundeen, Weidlich, Gerber, Kopka and Stoffel.
Reinert was thrust into aerial combat in this final phase of the North African Campaign—the Battle of Tunisia. On 2 January 1943 Reinert claimed two P-40s from No. 250 Squadron RAF while escorting Tactical Reconnaissance Hurricanes from 40 Squadron SAAF. His wingman "Unteroffizier" Weidlich claimed the other. Pilot Officer S. Holland, Flight Sergeant Graham and Sergeant J. H . Baron were the casualties—they were reported as prisoner of war, safe but wounded in action and killed in action respectively. Five days later on 7 January, II./JG 77 engaged and shot down three Spitfires while the RAF claimed two Bf 109s destroyed and damaged. Two of the No. 92 Squadron RAF pilots can be identified—Flight Sergeant Broomhall was killed and Sergeant Patterson parachuted to safety. On 11 January Reinert claimed four victories over Spitfires and a single P-40. In this battle Franz Hrdlicka also claimed a Spitfire. Reinert misidentified his first three opponents who were all P-40s from the 64th and 65th Fighter Squadrons of the US 57th Fighter Group. On 17 January B-17 Flying Fortress' from the US 97th Bombardment Group and escorted by P-38 Lightnings from the US 1st Fighter Group crossed into Tunisia from airfields in Algeria. JG 77 and Italian fighters intercepted. Reinert shot down the P-38 flown by Lieutenant Burton Weil. On 20 January 1943 Reinert shot down a Curtiss P-40 Warhawk piloted by Lieutenant Richard Kimball of the 65th Fighter Squadron who was taken prisoner of war. Reinert claimed again on 6 February. He attacked a formation of No. 112 Squadron RAF P-40s and claimed two as they attacked artillery and motor transport near Ras Agadir. Sergeant R. Le Cours was shot down and another P-40 was badly damaged. On 23 February Reinert claimed two Spitfires. The first was probably Sergeant S. G. T. Twine of No. 152 Squadron RAF.