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hornberg              buchberg              staufenberg              alfeld              holzhausen              spreewald              wildemann              neukirchen              erlenbach              hartmannsdorf              gersdorf              neuenkirchen              grund              wipper              asbach              stollberg              wunsiedel              steindorf              wolfach              neukirch              stetten              neuhof              todtnau              forsthaus              schwarzach              siedlung              volkach              niederdorf              lichte              ebnat              hofstetten              auen              steinen              obernau              niendorf              langenau              oberer              nieder              hainich              altenstadt              dosse              seenplatte              schwaan              thalheim              gutach              lenningen              perleberg              braunlage              petershagen              hohenfelde             

Examples of "weiher"
The Dreiser Weiher is part of the nature reserve of "Dreiser Weiher mit Döhmberg und Börchen".
Jan Piotr married Zofia Weiher h. Weiher and had nine children. Among others:
The small village of Weiher is named after a pond ("Weiher" in German). It had its first documentary mention in 1523 in a letter from Bishop of Bamberg Weygand. Weiher is home to 105 inhabitants (as of 30 December 2004).
Wejher (Skarzyna, Skarżyna, Pomerzanin, Weicher, Weiher)
Weiher served as Deputy Archivist under Archivist Don W. Wilson, and was a visible Deputy who often spoke to the media. In November 1992, the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee criticized Wilson as an "absentee archivist" and credited Weiher with effectively running NARA. Wilson replaced Weiher a few weeks later.
Bettenauer Weiher is located at the border to Jonschwil.
At 123 hectares, the Dreifelder Weiher is the largest.
Bellacher Weiher (also spelt "Bellacherweiher", "Bellacher-Weiher", or "Weier") is a small lake at Bellach in the Canton of Solothurn, Switzerland. Its surface area is 3.3 ha. The pond was formed in 1548. Lake and surroundings are a nature preserve.
In 1775 the Brandenburg Pond ("Brandenburger Weiher") in St.Georgen was drained.
The former 16-hectare Duppacher Maar (Duppacher Weiher) is a volcano and was dried around 1930.
The following towns neighbour Kraichtal: Eppingen and Zaisenhausen, Oberderdingen, Bretten, Bruchsal, Ubstadt-Weiher and Oestringen.
Bettenauer Weiher is a small lake located in Oberuzwil at the border to Jonschwil.
Bellacher Weiher is a pond and nature preserve in the municipality.
The Dreiser Weiher is a popular area for paragliders with exceptionally good thermal conditions all year round.
Mörlenbach’s "Ortsteile" are Mörlenbach-Mitte, Weiher, Bonsweiher, Ober-Mumbach, Kleinbreitenbach, Großbreitenbach, Vöckelsbach, Ober-Liebersbach, Geisenbach, Rohrbach, Bettenbach and Juhöhe.
The Oberrieder Weiher is like many other ponds in the valleys of Günz and Mindel a former gravel pit which is filled with ground water. The pond is located near the river Günz in the municipality of Breitenthal in the district of Günzburg. Because of this origin as gravel pit the form of the Oberrieder Weiher is nearly a square. the specific feature of the Oberrieder Weiher is its area of 34,7 hectare. Sometimes it is said that it is the biggest flooded gravel pit in Bavarian Swabia.
Weiher was one of eight sons of Jan Wejher (1580–1626) and Anna Szczawińska, and brother of Mikołaj Wejher (?–1647) and Ludwik Wejher (?–1656).
After 1946, Uttenreuth developed into a suburban residential area in the lower Schwabach valley. A territorial reform in 1978 led to the integration of the neighboring village Weiher.
The Üßbach stream rises near Mosbruch. The foremost point of interest, however, is the Mosbrucher Weiher, a dried-up maar and today a nature conservation area.
Sarchinger Weiher is a lake in Landkreis Regensburg, Bavaria, Germany. At an elevation of 330 metres, its surface area is 0.28 square kilometers.