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neuenstein              schrozberg              liegnitz              schleusingen              waldenburg              ingelfingen              schmalkalden              leisnig              brauneck              thannhausen              steinfurt              schweidnitz              kranichfeld              herzogtum              wolfegg              arnsberg              lichtenau              lobenstein              butzbach              blankenhain              haldensleben              leutenberg              rechberg              hildburghausen              delmenhorst              weitra              ziegenhain              altshausen              kulmbach              kronach              vohburg              grafschaft              freystadt              treffurt              sachsenheim              altenburg              frankenberg              blankenburg              burladingen              northeim              eutin              eberstein              ballenstedt              lindenau              landeck              sondershausen              hohenems              heiligenberg              ebern              stadtallendorf             

Examples of "weikersheim"
Weikersheim is a town in the Main-Tauber district, in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is situated on the river Tauber, 9 km east of Bad Mergentheim, Weikersheim is the location of the famous castle Schloss Weikersheim.
Studienzentrum Weikersheim (Weikersheim Think Tank) is a conservative and christian democratic German political think tank, that was founded in 1979 by Hans Filbinger, Helmut Metzner and others on Schloss Weikersheim in Germany.
Wolfgang, Count of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, (14 June 1546 in Waldenburg – 28 March 1610 in Weikersheim was the first Count of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim. He was the son of Louis Casimir of Hohenlohe-Waldenburg, who styled himself "Count of Neuenstein, Langenburg, Weikersheim, Künzelsau, Kirchberg and Ingelfingen" and his wife, Anna of Solms-Lich.
Firstly, Philipp married in 1385 with Anna of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim (d. 11 October 1410), daughter of Count Kraft IV of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim (d. 1399). They had:
After his withdrawal from politics, Filbinger in 1979 founded the conservative think tank "Studienzentrum Weikersheim" (Weikersheim Centre of Studies), which he chaired until 1997.
Second, he married before 4 January 1337 Irmgard of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim, daughter of Kraft II of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and had the following children:
Philip Ernest, Count of Hohenlohe-Langenburg (11 August 1584 in Langenburg – 29 January 1628 in Weikersheim), was Count of Hohenlohe-Langenburg and was the fourth son of Wolfgang, Count of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim (1546-1610), who later became regent of the county of Weikersheim and his wife Magdalena of Nassau-Dillenburg (1547-1643).
On 25 January 1652 he married Countess Eleonore Magdalene of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim (1635–1657), daughter of his uncle George Frederick of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim (1569–1647). She died in 1657, after only five years of marriage. They had four children:
John Charles married his first wife, Sophie Amalie (1646–1695), in 1685 in Weikersheim. She was a daughter of Frederick, Count Palatine of Zweibrücken and the widow of Count Siegfried of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim.
In Weikersheim on 7 February 1594, Henry II married firstly Magdalena (28 December 1572 – 2 April 1596), daughter of Wolfgang, Count of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim-Langenburg. They had one daughter:
1976 trio “Giger-Lenz-Marron”. Initiator and director of the first percussion-course in Weikersheim
Bronn, Elpersheim, Haagen, Honsbronn, Laudenbach, Nassau, Neubronn, Queckbronn, Oberndorf and Schäftersheim belong to Weikersheim.
His parents were Kraft V, Count of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim and Margaret of Oettingen.
Sri Lanka, Past and Present. Weikersheim: Margraf Verlag, 12-37. ISBN 3-8236-1289-1.
Count Georg Friedrich of Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Weikersheim died on August 7, 1645, at the age of 76 years, in Langenburg.
Count Georg Friedrich von Hohenlohe-Neuenstein-Weikersheim (September 5, 1569 – July 7, 1645) was an officer and an amateur poet.
Ulrich II married in 1310 Agnes of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim (before 1295 – 29 November 1346), a daughter of Kraft I of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim. Ten children from this marriage are known, but not the order in which they were born. Historians have been able to infer the order in which the sons were born.
He married on 4 May 1749 in Weikersheim Christiane Louise (1713–1778), daughter of Duke Joachim Frederick Holstein-Sonderburg-Plön and widow of Count Louis Albert of Hohenlohe-Weikersheim. The marriage remained childless. Through financial contributions of the house Hohenlohe, the prince managed to complete an expensive restoration of Hellingen manor. Pursued by creditors, he returned to active service in the Netherlands.
Wolfgang is best known for his reconstruction of Weikersheim Castle into a Renaissance palace. The new palace was designed by the Dutch architect Georg Robin. It was located in the Weikersheim part of the County of Hohenlohe, which Wolfgang had received when the county was divided after his father's death.
Weikersheim Palace (Schloss Weikersheim) is a palace in Weikersheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It was built in the 12th century, however the exact year is not known. The palace was the traditional seat of the princely family of Hohenlohe, and has been owned by the state of Baden-Württemberg since 1967 when the palace was bought from the estate of Prince , who had encouraged arts-related activities at the palace. Visitors can tour parts of the Renaissance palace and the Baroque garden with many statues.