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Examples of "weinhofer"
After leaving Rapid in 1988, Weinhofer later played for First Vienna FC, St. Pölten, and Stockerau.
From 2009, Weinhofer worked as a benefits claim checker for the Austrian Health Service.
Weinhofer earned four caps for the Austrian national side between 1986 and 1987.
Rudolf "Rudi" Weinhofer (born 7 May 1962) is an Austrian former footballer who played at both professional and international levels as a midfielder.
Weinhofer began his professional career in 1980 with Rapid Vienna, and made over 150 league appearances for the club over the next eight seasons. During the Second Round of the 1984–85 European Cup Winners' Cup, in a match against Scottish side Celtic, Weinhofer claimed to have been hit and injured by an object thrown by Celtic's fans; UEFA ordered the match to be replayed. Rapid progressed at Celtic's expense, and eventually reached the 1985 European Cup Winners' Cup Final – a match which Weinhofer played in – before losing to Everton.
Celtic then found themselves embroiled in a series of controversial matches in the second round against Rapid Wien. Celtic lost the first leg 1–3 in Vienna, but despite rough-house tactics from the Austrians, it was only Celtic's Alan McInally who found himself red-carded. The return match at Parkhead was an even more bad-tempered affair as Celtic raced to a 3–0 lead with goals from Brian McClair, Murdo MacLeod and Tommy Burns, all in spite of Rapid's foul play. The match erupted near the end when Burns was punched by Reinhard Kienast. In the ensuing chaos, coins and at least one bottle were thrown onto the pitch by some Celtic fans. None appeared to hit anybody, but one of the Rapid Wien players, Rudi Weinhofer, was carried off the pitch with his head swathed in bandages. The match finished 3–0, with Celtic winning the tie 4–3 on aggregate.
The club was involved in a controversial episode in 1984 when they eliminated Scottish club Celtic from the European Cup Winners Cup last 16. Celtic were leading 4–3 on aggregate with 14 minutes left in the match, when Rapid conceded a penalty. As the Rapid players protested to the match officials, their defender Rudolf Weinhofer then fell to the ground, and claimed to have been hit by a bottle thrown from the stands. Television images clearly showed that a bottle was thrown onto the pitch and did not hit the player. The match finished 4–3, but Rapid appealed to UEFA for a replay, and both teams were fined. The replay appeal was turned down initially, but Rapid appealed for a second time. On this occasion, Rapid's fine was doubled but UEFA also stipulated that the game be replayed 100 miles away from Celtic's ground. The game was held on 12 December 1984 at Old Trafford, Manchester, England and Rapid won 1–0 through a Peter Pacult strike.