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Examples of "weithman"
MACH37 has had 40 different startup companies as participants since its founding. The program was started in early 2013 as a division of the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology with support from Virginia's government as part of an initiative to provide new technology for the intelligence agencies of the United States as well as creating new jobs and establishing Virginia as a cyber security capital. MACH37 is currently managed by a group known as the MACH37 Partners, which consists of founders Rick Gordon, Dan Woolley, Tom Weithman, David Ihrie, and Ed Albrigo, all of whom have previously worked in the software industry.
After earning his PhD from Princeton in 1950, Rawls taught there until 1952 when he received a Fulbright Fellowship to Oxford University (Christ Church), where he was influenced by the liberal political theorist and historian Isaiah Berlin and the legal theorist H. L. A. Hart. After returning to the United States he served first as an assistant and then associate professor at Cornell University. In 1962 he became a full professor of philosophy at Cornell, and soon achieved a tenured position at MIT. That same year he moved to Harvard University, where he taught for almost forty years and where he trained some of the leading contemporary figures in moral and political philosophy, including Thomas Nagel, Allan Gibbard, Onora O'Neill, Adrian Piper, Elizabeth S. Anderson, Christine Korsgaard, Susan Neiman, Claudia Card, Thomas Pogge, T.M. Scanlon, Barbara Herman, Joshua Cohen, Thomas E. Hill, Jr., Gurcharan Das, Samuel Freeman and Paul Weithman.
In his recent book titled "The Discourse Theory of Democracy", Hugh Baxter has commented on "The Rawls/Audi Restrictive View and Its Critics," stating that, "The publication of Rawls's "Political Liberalism" in 1993 prompted an extensive debate about the role of religion in politics and particularly about the role of religion in public political discussion among citizens. His views together with those later expressed by Robert Audi, have been taken to define one side of the controversy: the side arguing that citizens in liberal democracies should exercise restraint on public employment of religious reasons." Baxter stated that the other side of the controversy was represented by the scholars Nicholas Wolterstorff and Paul J. Weithman.