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Examples of "wenche"
Eva Wenche Steenfeldt Stang (5 December 1917 – 28 March 2011), better known as Wenche Foss (), was a leading Norwegian actress of stage, screen and television.
Wenche Skjæggestad (born 9 September 1943) is a Norwegian judge.
Wenche Andersen (born 10 July 1954) is a Norwegian chef.
Wenche Kjølås (born 20 December 1962) is a Norwegian businessperson.
Wenche Karin Nistad (born 1952) is a Norwegian businessperson and civil servant.
Inger Wenche Alver Gløersen (15 May 1892 – 2 March 1982) was a Norwegian smallholder and writer.
Wenke is an alternative spelling of the Norwegian given name Wenche.
He was a son of Sven Arntzen and father of presiding judge Wenche Elizabeth Arntzen.
Among actors who made their stage debut at Søilen Teater were Wenche Foss,
Wenches jul is a 1991 Christmas album by Wenche Myhre. It was rereleased in 2003.
Wenche Cumming (born 2 May 1944) is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party.
His father married actress Wenche Foss in 1953. Stang was thus a half-brother of politician Fabian Stang.
Wenche Lyngholm (born 13 May 1951 in Moss) is a Norwegian politician for the Socialist Left Party.
Stang was born in Oslo. He is the son of Norwegian actress Wenche Foss and entrepreneur Thomas Stang.
Afrikaneren () is a 1966 Norwegian drama film directed by Barthold Halle, starring Earle Hyman and Wenche Foss. It deals with Raymond, a young South African studying in Norway.
Arthur Buchardt (born 15 June 1948), is a Norwegian investor who mainly invests in hotel projects. He has been married to Wenche Myhre.
Wenche is a popular female first name in Norway. The name is also spelled Venke, Wenke, Venche, Wencke, Vence or Vencke.
Wenche Blomberg (born 23 June 1943 in Tønsberg) is a Norwegian author. She has worked as a journalist, librarian, criminologist and government scholar.
Thomsen has featured on recordings with, among others, Ole Amund Gjersvik, Wenche Gausdal Kvintett, Dag Arnesen, Bergen Blues Band, Ove Thue, Kari Bremnes, Ole Paus, Hans Inge Fagervik.
She was portrayed by Cecilie Graasvold in the play "Rotte på loftet", and by Wenche Foss in the NRK television miniseries "En udødelig mann".