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yijun              guowei              jiali              chunhua              jingyu              yanfeng              tingyu              tianhua              zhixing              leilei              renliang              daoming              weixing              guofu              jianhua              hongzhu              guoping              qifeng              zhipeng              xinxin              enhua              guizhen              hongwei              xueqi              wenhai              xiaolu              yiwen              feiyan              dongdong              xiangyu              xiaoying              zilong              shixiang              yajun              shusen              chunyuan              fengyi              haiping              yiqing              wenlong              xiaoyang              minwei              yitang              zizhong              zhihui              yixiang              feihu              weiguo              huizhen              jiaxiang             

Examples of "wenli"
BBC terms Xu Wenli “The Godfather of Dissent.”
Shang Shitu (尚师徒) and Xin Wenli (新文理) were two totally fictional characters.
New York Times hails Xu Wenli as “China's Most Prominent Political Prisoner.”
Lan (Chinese: 我們天上見) is a 2009 Chinese film directed by Jiang Wenli.
There were two main ways to establish the China Democracy Party in 1998, one was represented by the founder Wang Youcai and the other Xu Wenli. Wang Youcai tried to register the party according to the constitution which protects freedom of association, but Xu Wenli just proclaimed the establishment of the party without registration. Wang Youcai is the leader of rational way while Xu Wenli the radical.
Actors and Actresses: Zhang Jingchu, Jiang Wenli, Alec Su, Huang Yi, Ma Yili, Fan Wei, Siqin Gaowa, Chen Jianbin
Lead actress Jiang Wenli (who played Wang Cailing) won Best Actress from the Rome Film Festival for her performance.
Pan Wenli (born ) was a Chinese female volleyball player. She was part of the China women's national volleyball team.
Anfu is the home of noted Chinese lawyer Huang Rui (黄蕊) and the birthplace of political activist Xu Wenli.
Later Xu Wenli was exiled to the US on December 24, 2002. Without discussing with Xie Wanjun to build a united Party, Xu Wenli established a new group: CDP Oversea Headquarter and his party did not collaborate with Xie Wanjun's party. This was the start of dissociation of CDP.
Ma was born in Bengbu, Anhui, on March 14, 1988. Her aunt, Jiang Wenli, is a noted actress. Ma graduated from Communication University of China.
On the same day, Xu Wenli, a 55-year-old member was also sentenced to 13 years for overthrowing the Communist party.
In October 1953, Yin married Xia Junlu (), he had a daughter Yin Wenli () (born March 1956), now his wife and daughter live in America.
The film is a family drama about the relationship between a mother and son (Jiang Wenli and Tan Jianci) after the sudden death of the father (Eric Tsang).
On the same day, Xu Wenli, a 55-year-old member was also sentenced to 13 years for overthrowing the Communist party.
In 921, Wang Rong the Prince of Zhao, a major ally of Jin, was assassinated by his adoptive son Zhang Wenli, who, anticipating that Li Cunxu would attack him, sought to submit to and seek aid from Later Liang. Jing pointed out that this was a golden opportunity to counterattack against Jin and recapture the territory lost, but Zhao and the Zhangs argued that Zhang Wenli was merely using Later Liang to accomplish his own goals and that Later Liang had no spare troops to aid Zhang Wenli. Zhu, listening to them, rejected Jing's suggestions. Zhang Wenli (and, subsequently, after his death, his son Zhang Chujin) therefore received no Later Liang aid and were subsequently defeated by Li Cunxu. Li Cunxu thus was able to absorb Zhao territory into Jin.
Ma began her career as a child actress at age 7, when she appeared in "The Winter of Three Persons", which stars Jiang Wenli and Zhao Jun.
The 2001 movie "The Treatment" () was made in Hong Kong showing "gua sha" among other things. The movie starred Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Jiang Wenli, Zhu Xu. It can also be seen in the 1995 Vietnamese movie "Cyclo".
In 1968, Li Shuangze enrolled in the Dept. of Mathematics of Tamkang College of Arts and Sciences (淡江文理學院 Danjiang wenli xueyuan), but later on switched to the Dept. of Architecture.
The Gua Sha Treatment () is a Chinese movie released in 2001 starring Tony Leung Ka-Fai, Zhu Xu, and Jiang Wenli. It is a story about cultural conflicts experienced by a Chinese family in the USA.