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yijun              yongqing              jianhua              jiasheng              jiafu              xuefeng              qifeng              guojun              yunshan              yiwen              zhimin              yongjun              guoxiang              zhihong              yuping              jixiang              wenguang              jingyu              guowei              guofu              weicheng              zhixian              yanyu              chunhua              yiqing              baohua              jianguo              weiping              yanming              guoping              zhengjie              yihe              lingyun              zhongmin              zhiyong              yanping              guoji              guoqing              yuzhen              yunfeng              jianlin              yisheng              jingyan              jianan              haoran              xiaobin              jingsheng              guihua              zhiping              jianzhu             

Examples of "wenyi"
The Fayan school was named after Chinese Zen Master Fayan Wenyi (885–958).
In May 2016, Harris signed in China with the Anhui Wenyi for the 2016 NBL season.
Gongsun Yuan (died 238), courtesy name Wenyi (文懿), was a warlord and vassal of the state of Cao Wei during the Three Kingdoms period of Chinese history.
The Fayan school (法眼宗) was named after Chinese Chán Master Fayan Wenyi (Fa-yen Wen-i), who lived from 885 to 958.
Huang Wenyi (; born 6 March 1991) is a female Chinese rower. She was competing in the lightweight double sculls at the 2012 Summer Olympics.
After retirement, she owned "Jinyi Sports Promotion Ltd", holding sports contests and running "Yang Wenyi Swimming Club". The club is located in Minhang, Shanghai.
In Shanghai, Jennifer Hua Wenyi (華文漪/华文漪) was very popular in the role, and has played the role abroad several times.
Chi Wenyi (; ; born 18 February 1988 in Yanji, Yanbian) is a Chinese footballer of Korean descent who currently plays for Chinese Super League side Yanbian Funde.
Today, Du Liniang is most often seen on the Kunqu stage, where her role is the best-loved of the guimendan role types. Famous interpreters of the role have included Mei Lanfang, Zhang Jiqing and Jennifer Hua Wenyi.
Xuefeng Yicun was the teacher of Yunmen Wenyan (862 or 864–949 CE), who established the Yunmen school. Fayan Wenyi (885-958), Xuefeng's "grand-disciple", established the Fayan school.
In May, 2015, Jackson signed with Anhui Wenyi of the Chinese National Basketball League (NBL). On November 2015, he signed with Yeşilgiresun Belediye of the Turkish League. He averaged 16.2 points and 6.7 rebounds per game.
A Mandarin Chinese female vocal who was released on February 10, 2015. She is voiced by Wang Wenyi. Unlike the previous Chinese VOCALOIDs, her origins trace back to Taiwan rather than Mainland China.
Chi Wenyi started his professional football career in 2005 when he was promoted to Yanbian FC's first squad. On 5 March 2016, Chi made his Super League debut in the first match of 2016 season against Shanghai Shenhua.
On December 6, 2006, Wang Wenyi was among the ten Chinese dissidents awarded with the 2006 “Hero of Freedom” Award from the Asia-Pacific Human Rights Foundation for her work with the Chinese organ harvesting project in Auckland.
Yang Wenyi (; born January 11, 1972 in Shanghai) is a former freestyle and backstroke swimmer from China, whose best performance was winning the gold medal in the 50 m freestyle at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, Spain.
"The history of "Wenyi Bao", the most prestigious and influential magazine of its kind in Communist China, parallels the history of the Peoples Republic; founded in September 1949, "Wenyi Bao" has been at the heart of every literary movement since its inception, including the controversy surrounding its own editorial staff in the early 1950s. It has kept the Chinese reading public abreast not only of current literary trends, policies and squabbles, but of selected aspects of world literature as well. Virtually every truly important statement on literature sooner or later appeared in the pages of "Wenyi Bao". Thus the magazine’s forced cessation of publication in 1966 temporarily stilled one of the truly influential literary organs."
Lady Wu Hanyue (吳漢月) (913 – July 17, 952), formally the Lady Dowager Gongyi of Wuyue (吳越國恭懿太夫人), was the mother of Qian Chu (King Wenyi, né Qian Hongchu), the fifth and final king of the Chinese state Wuyue of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.
Gurmit is married to Melissa, a Cantonese Chinese. He has three children, Gabrielle (Gabbi Wenyi Ayane Virk, born 1997), Elliot (born 2001) and Mikaela (born 2013). Gurmit is an alumnus of National Police Cadet Corps, Singapore and held the rank of Cadet Inspector.
After the olympics, the name "Five Golden Flowers" was given to the five medalist swimmers Yang Wenyi (50 meter Freestyle champion), Zhuang Yong (100 meter Freestyle champion), Lin Li (200 meter Individual Medley champion), Qian Hong (100 meter Butterfly champion) and Wang Xiaohong (200 meter Butterfly silver medalist).
Chi Wenyi played as a back-up for Wang Dalei in the 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship. He appeared in the tournament for China U17 once on 22 September 2005 in the last match of group stage against Ghana. On 10 January 2017, Chi made his debut for Chinese national team in the 2017 China Cup against Iceland.