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Wenyu Shen (; pinyin: shěn wén'yù) (born 13 October 1986 in Chongqing) is a Chinese pianist.
The first headmaster of this school was Gu Wenyu, but now a new leader, Qiu Feng holds this title.
In 2010, Lu Wenyu and her husband and business partner Wang Shu together won the German Schelling Architecture Prize.
Lawyers for former Wang employees Flor Duarte and Wenyu Lu declined to comment. However, it was reported that both parties had agreed to a settlement with undisclosed terms
The application was approved, and the school opened on May 2, 1904. Lady Gu Wenyu was the first principal, and there were 45 girls at that time.
In 2010, Wang and his wife Lu Wenyu together won the German Schelling Architecture Prize, and in 2011 he received the Gold Medal from the French Academy of Architecture.
Qin Wenming's twin brother, Qin Wenyu, travels to Dunhuang in search of his brother but finds himself caught in a deceptive plot. He is determined to unravel the mystery behind his brother's disappearance and decides to remain there. At the same time, he relies on Yan, the magistrate of Dunhuang, for help. He also befriends a camel trader named Feng Dagang, a craftsman called Wang Youxiang, and Wang's daughter Xinghua. He encounters a female bandit chief, Honglian, and his brother's lover Chunxia, who recovers from her mental illness after mistaking him for Qin Wenming. With assistance from his friends and companions, Qin Wenyu makes a startling discovery that the clue to his brother's disappearance lies in a piece of a Buddhist sutra his brother left behind for him. Qin Wenyu concludes that the Buddhist sutra is an ancient artefact from Dunhuang and strongly believes that there is something hidden in the oasis city.
Years ago, Ye Songnian (Chen Shucheng), the boss of Phoenix Corporation, raped his employee, Zheng Wenyu (Hong Huifang), who was already pregnant with her husband's child at that time. Months later, both Wenyu and Songnian's second wife, Suzhen (Lin Meijiao), give birth to daughters in the same hospital and due to the nurses' negligence, the identities of the baby girls were swapped. Wenyu discovers that her biological daughter suffers from congenital heart disease. Out of a mother's desire for her child to receive the best medical care coupled with hatred towards Songnian, she decided to capitalize on the situation by perpetuating the mistake. Thus, Ye Yuchen (Zoe Tay) and Fang Songqiao (Fann Wong), whose identities were swapped, grew up in two disparate environments.
Wang Shu (, born 4 November 1963) is a Chinese architect based in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. He is the dean of the School of Architecture of the China Academy of Art. With his practice partner and wife Lu Wenyu, they founded the firm Amateur Architecture Studio. In 2012, Wang became the first Chinese citizen to win the Pritzker Prize, the world's top prize in architecture. The award was the subject of some controversy since the Pritzker committee did not also award Lu Wenyu, his wife and architectural partner, despite their years of collaboration.
Qin Wenyu is disappointed with the magistrate's decision and decides to take matters into his own hands. While bringing his friends with him in pursuit of Baker and John, they fall into an ambush laid by Magistrate Yan and his men. Yan intends to capture Honglian and claim the bounty on her head, but Chunxia sacrifices herself to save Honglian. Qin Wenyu, Honglian, Feng Dagang and their companions are shot to death by the magistrate's men. The national treasure from Dunhuang falls into the hands of Baker and John.
Today, an aqueduct draws water from the Yongding through Yuyuantan Park to the western city moat, which empties into Liangshui River south of the city. Another aqueduct draws water from Kunming Lake in the Summer Palace down through the Purple Bamboo Park and into the northern city moat, which also replenishes Shichahai, Beihai and Zhongnanhai. The northern moats are drained by the Ba River, which flows into the Wenyu River. The southern and eastern moats are drained by the Tonghui River, which also flow into the Wenyu.
Junggaroperadectes is an extinct genus of peradectine metatherian which existed in Keziletuogayi Formation, China during the early Oligocene. It was first named by Xijun Ni, Jin Meng, Wenyu Wu and Jie Ye in 2007 and the type species is "Junggaroperadectes burqinensis".
Wang did not have any commissions between 1990 and 1998. During that time his wife Lu Wenyu supported the family. Instead, he chose to further his studies at the School of Architecture of Tongji University in Shanghai, earning a PhD in 2000.
Lu Wenyu () is a Chinese architect and cofounder, with her husband Wang Shu, of the firm Amateur Architecture Studio. They chose the name as a rebuke of the "professional, soulless architecture" practiced in China, which they believe has contributed to the large-scale demolition of many old urban neighborhoods.
Tongzhou is situated on the North China Plain with an average elevation of . Its climate belongs to the mild temperate zone, with distinct seasons including hot summers and freezing winters. Dust storms are common. It has an annual mean temperature of . and of rainfall. Several large rivers, amongst them the Wenyu, the Liangshui and Chaobai flow through the district.
In spring 557, Xiao Bo (蕭勃), the governor of Guang Province (廣州, modern Guangdong), apparently believing that Chen was about to seize the throne, rebelled and tried to advance north. Soon, however, Chen's general Zhou Wenyu (周文育) captured Xiao Bo's general Ouyang Wei (歐陽頠), and Xiao Bo's own generals rose and killed him.
In 1997, Wang and his wife Lu Wenyu, also an architect, founded the firm Amateur Architecture Studio. They chose the name as a rebuke of the "professional, soulless architecture" practiced in China, which they believe has contributed to the large-scale demolition of many old urban neighborhoods.
Wang is married to Lu Wenyu, who is also his business partner and fellow professor of architecture at the China Academy of Art. In an interview with the "Los Angeles Times", Wang expressed his sentiment that his wife deserved to share the Pritzker Prize with him.
Historically, the river was notorious for its flash floods and course changes. The river has taken at least three major courses through Beijing. According to the earliest historical records, the river originally flowed northeast from Babaoshan toward what is now the Purple Bamboo Park in Haidian District and into Wenyu River.
It is not known when Yang Wan was born, but it is known that his family was from Hua Prefecture (華州, in modern Weinan, Shaanxi). His family traced its ancestry to the Han Dynasty official Yang Zhen (楊震) and a line that included a number of officials of Northern Wei. His granduncle Yang Zaisi served as a chancellor during the reign of Wu Zetian, and his grandfather Yang Wenyu (楊溫玉) was a prominent official at the time, receiving the title of Duke of Hucheng. His father Yang Kan (楊侃) served as a county magistrate during the "Kaiyuan" era (713–741) of Wu Zetian's grandson Emperor Xuanzong, and both Yang Wenyu and Yang Kan were known for their knowledge of Confucianism. Yang Wan lost his father early, and he served his mother with great filial piety. He was said to be quiet and studious, often spending his time in a small room with history books and maps.