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yanyu              guofu              xiaoyang              yuzhi              zhaoxing              qiwei              jiaxuan              guoping              juezai              wenyi              jiafu              yanling              xianying              guowei              yufen              weiyan              muhua              jianzhang              wenguang              jiasheng              xiuzhi              jingyu              haodong              yongqing              liangyu              tingfang              chengzhi              qichen              tianhui              guoxiang              anqi              qifeng              lianggong              guojun              yiqing              zhiguang              yuping              zhihua              zhenhua              xufeng              zhenyi              jianhua              chujun              mingjie              xiaohong              chunhua              chunli              baorong              qinglan              jinqing             

Examples of "wenzhong"
In fact, Peipei has been in love with Wenzhong. The feminine yet tough Peipei has always liked Wenzhong ever since they were in secondary school. However, Wenzhong has only treated her as a friend and is aware of his brother’s affections for this sassy officer. Never one to admit defeat, Peipei believes that she will win his love one day as long as she perseveres.
In a misunderstanding, Wenzhong gets to know Liang Xiaonuo (Dawn Yeoh), Wenwei's Malaysian colleague. Wenzhong has a good impression of Xiaonuo, who is physically disabled and walks with a limp but is a mentally strong and determined girl. He falls for her and decides that Xiaonuo is ‘The One’ he has been waiting for.
The Subdistrict is divided into nine communities: Bayi Community (), Chuwei Community (), Huaming Community (), Nanyuan Community (), Tongyi Community (), Wenzhong Community (), Xiangshan Community (), Xincheng Community (), and Xue'an Community ().
Pei Wenzhong (1934) On the Carnivora from Locality 1 of Choukoutien: "Palaeontologica Sinica", Ser. C, Fasc. 1, p. 1-166, 47 figs., 24 pls.
His cremated remains are interred behind the museum at the Zhoukoudian site alongside those of his colleagues, Pei Wenzhong and Jia Lanpo.
Wenzhong goes all out to woo her. Although touched by Wenzhong’s sincerity, Xiaonuo is unable to forgive herself for causing the death of her ex-boyfriend. On top of it, she is conscious of her handicap and finds herself unable to accept Wenzhong’s affections. Later, Wenzhong risks his own life to save Xiaonuo. His actions finally melt down her defense, and Xiaonuo consents to accept Wenzhong. However, the traditional Pengju does not approve of his son choosing to be with a woman with a physical disability. He objects vehemently, and for the first time, father and son have a falling out.
The wolf's fossils were found at the Zhoukoudian (once spelt Choukoutien) cave system and archaeological site in 1934 and named by its discoverer, Pei Wenzhong.
Canis c.f. variabilis, commonly known as the Zhoukoudian wolf, were found at the Zhoukoudian cave system and archaeological site in 1934 and named by its discoverer, Pei Wenzhong.
His cremated remains are interred behind the museum at the Zhoukoudian site alongside those of his colleagues, Pei Wenzhong and Yang Zhongjian.
Zhou Wenzhong (Chinese: 周文重; born August 1945) is a Chinese diplomat and former ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the United States of America from March 2005 to 2010.
Pei Wenzhong (, romanized also as W. C. Pei or P'ei Wen-chung; January 19, 1904 – September 18, 1982) was a Chinese paleontologist, archaeologist and anthropologist born in Fengnan. Professor Pei is considered a founding figure of Chinese anthropology.
Ronglu died in 1903 and was posthumously granted the honorary appointment of Grand Tutor (太傅). He was also awarded the posthumous name "Wenzhong" (文忠) and posthumously enfeoffed as a first class baron (一等男爵).
Li Yuanhong () (died 733), courtesy name Dagang (大綱), formally Baron Wenzhong of Qingshui (清水文忠男), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, serving as a chancellor during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong.
Poh Wenzhong (Bryan Wong), the second son, works as an IT consultant. Like his older brother, he is also his father's pride and joy, having been a natural athlete and performed well during his National Service. He is also the peacemaker and counselor in the family. Wenzhong is easygoing in nature with a good sense of humour, which naturally makes him the object of affection for many women. The romantic of the family, he believes he has yet to meet ‘The One’ and his lack of a girlfriend at his age causes some concern for his father.
Upon hearing his death, Emperor Daizong closed the assembly for five days and conferred the posthumous title "Wenzhong" (文忠) on Yan Zhenqing. He was also widely mourned by the army and the people, and a temple was constructed to commemorate him. In Song Dynasty, the temple was moved to Shandong and henceforward became a key tourist attraction.
Luo Bingzhang (, courtesy names Yumen 籲門 and Ruzhai 儒齋; Posthumous name: Wenzhong 文忠; (January 9, 1793 – September 1, 1867) was an eminent Han Chinese official, military general, and devout Confucian scholar of the late Qing Dynasty in China.
The discovery by Pei Wenzhong of Peking Man hundreds of kilometers to the south (followed by wars and revolution) distracted the attention of the world's scientific community. However, from 1972 to 1978 more than 2000 pieces of stone tools were discovered, together with some bone tools, which confirmed Xiaochangliang (or Nihewan) as a paleolithic site.
Han Xiu () (672–739), courtesy name Liangshi (良士), formally Viscount Wenzhong of Yiyang (宜陽文忠子), was an official of the Chinese dynasty Tang Dynasty, briefly serving as chancellor during the reign of Emperor Xuanzong. His wife was called Liu (died in 784). He was known for his bluntness and honesty.
Li Jinglong () (1369–1424), nickname Jiujiang (), was a Ming dynasty general. He was the son of Li Wenzhong, the nephew of Zhu Yuanzhang (Hongwu Emperor) through Zhu's older sister. During the Jingnan Campaign, he supported the Jianwen Emperor against the Prince of Yan (the later Yongle Emperor).
Wu Bin (; Wade-Giles: Wu Pin) was a Chinese landscape painter during the reign of the Ming Dynasty Wanli Emperor (r. 1573-1620). His social name was "Wenzhong" and his nickname "Zhiyin Toutuo" means "Mendicant monk at the temple hidden by tree branches". His specific dates of birth and death are not known. Wu was born in Putian in the Fujian province.