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byun              keum              hyon              jinho              byeon              yeom              byoung              jaehoon              kyoo              yeop              kyoung              myoung              hwakim              baik              jungkim              myong              chulpark              maeng              kyong              kyoon              yook              hyoung              jinkim              seong              jinhee              huikim              hyong              sunkim              sangho              gwon              seoung              youn              cheon              pyung              heon              seol              eung              deuk              gwak              ryeol              heum              jihyun              hyeok              wonkim              wookim              okkim              eunyoung              younglee              jiwon              kikim             

Examples of "weon"
WEON-LP had a construction permit for its digital signal on channel 42.
MonoNeon teamed up with producer Kriswontwo to release an EP called, "WEON".
Chun Joo-weon (born 15 November 1972) is a South Korean women's basketball coach and former player.
In 1947, Song Gyu (, 1900–1962), the second patriarch, renamed the order "Weon Buddhism" and published a new canon, "Weonbulgyo gyojeon" ("The Scriptures of Won Buddhism"), in 1962.
Kim Weon-Kee (Hangul: 김원기, Hanja: 金原基; born January 6, 1962 in Hampyeong, Jeollanam-do) is a retired South Korean Greco-Roman wrestler and Olympic champion.
South Korean painter, Kang Haeng-weon (강행원), released to the public his three paintings that depict the hope of restoring the developed four rivers back to their nature state.
Weon Jong-teok (born August 16, 1977) is a South Korean football player who played for FC Seoul (formerly Anyang LG Cheetahs). He was goalkeeper coach for FC Seoul Youth team-Dongbuk High School FC.
A third edition, the "Nogeoldae eonhae", was published in 1670 by the Office of Interpreters (司譯院 "Sayeok weon"). It has the same Chinese text as the "Beonyeok Nogeoldae", but the right readings and translations were updated to contemporary Korean.
Recently, Byung Mook Weon of Sungkyunkwan University and Jung Ho Je of Pohang University of Science and Technology showed an observation of reverse particle motion that repels the coffee-ring effect because of the capillary force near the contact line. The reversal takes place when the capillary force prevails over the outward coffee-ring flow by the geometric constraints.
WEON-LP was a Fox-affiliated, low-power television station in Frederiksted, U.S. Virgin Islands transmitting in digital on channel 42. The station was owned by Caribbean Broadcasting Network along with sister stations WVGN-LD channel 19, WVXF channel 17, and WVGN.
A particular incident of the South Korean government abusing human right is the unjust arrest of Jeong Weon-seop (정원섭) for a child rape incident on September 27, 1972. The Supreme Court of South Korea pardoned Jeong on October 27, 2011 based on unreliable evidences and illicit police procedures of that time.
The school was founded by Lee Weon Myo (이원묘) as Kwangju Dongshin Vocational School (동신실업전문학교). It opened its doors in 1976, with a student body of 320. The school became a junior college in 1979. The name Dongkang College was adopted in 1998.
The self-pinning of the contact line by particle confinement was studied by Byung Mook Weon of Sungkyunkwan University and Jung Ho Je of Pohang University of Science and Technology. They suggested that a critical linear packing fraction is required for the self-pinning by a balance between the spreading and the net capillary forces at the contact line.
Hucho ishikawae, the Korean taimen, is a species of salmonid fish found in the border region between North Korea and China, including the Am-nok, Dok-ro, Weon-ju and Jang-jin Rivers. Monitoring of the species has been made very difficult because of the lack of access to the areas in which this species occurs and consequently it is rated as data deficient by the IUCN. It is found in flowing water and reaches up to in length.
However, according to DVB News channel on December 5, 2014, David Kim, the public relations officer of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant, denied such statement speculated on Korean media. He said that the statement made by Jung Weon-young was a fabrication as he had stopped working for the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant since 2011. Mr. Kim also claimed that his organization sued Korean media and press which stated that May Myat Noe was telling the truth.
The investigation team of the Miss Asia Pacific World pageant announced on December 4 that Miss Myanmar was urged to entertain rich Korean businessmen to pay for her vocal training and music album production. The investigation committee led by Jung Weon-young stated that the head of its talent agency Choi was involved in such charges and Choi also had similar contracts with other pageant participants and overseas media firms. Now, this case is submitted to the police for further investigation.
WVXF, channel 17, is a Fox-affiliated, full service television station in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands transmitting over digital channel 17. The station is owned by Caribbean Broadcasting Network. The station broadcasts Fox in high definition on their DT2 subchannel, with This TV on the main channel in standard definition; this is a quirk of the Fox subchannel's former analog home of WEON-LP, which had a high definition simulcast placed on WVXF-DT2 until the station went dark in order to consolidate Caribbean Broadcasting Network's Virgin Islands operations onto WVXF.
In January 2010, WVXF rebranded as "EFN Caribbean", adding some syndicated programing and a local fashion-oriented program, "Fashion Today", to its This TV programming. The station relaunched once more on May 1, 2011, joining ABC's Live Well Network as its first primary-channel affiliate, along with giving WEON's Fox feed a high definition home on the second subchannel, which eventually became its sole channel when WEON-LP went dark on December 31, 2011. In late 2014, WVXF-DT1 reverted to This TV, ahead of Live Well ending national distribution in April 2015.
Quiet, intelligent, solemn and recently dumped by his girlfriend, graduate student Lee Weon-san (Park Hae-il) takes a job at a literary magazine, ostensibly to supplement his income, but really to get close to the editor - the reason he’s now single. The editor (Moon Sung-keun), unaware of who Lee is, takes a shine to him and makes him his personal assistant. He likes having him around as he’s the only person he feels comfortable with, which means he often takes advantage of Lee’s passive nature, making him run errands for him all over town.
Upon assuming control of the station in April 2003, CMCG changed the call letters to WCAV and temporarily discontinued operations, leaving channel 15 silent for 12 months less a day; the station returned to the air at 2 p.m. on April 4, 2004 as an independent station, relying largely on syndicated core programming, after having failed to obtain cable television carriage and having lost its bid for the Fox affiliation (which ultimately went to WEON-LP). Shortly afterward, the station changed its call letters to WVIF (the WCAV call letters were then picked up by the CBS affiliate in Charlottesville, Virginia).