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tawachiche              zec              kiskissink              onatchiway              labrieville              manouane              ashuapmushuan              matawin              matapedia              koksoak              mekinac              mitchinamecus              batiscan              caniapiscau              bostonnais              natashquan              masketsi              allondon              chapeauroux              moisie              pohenegamook              cinconcine              dumoine              kipawa              nemiscau              lubefu              petawaga              saane              betsiamites              kedgwick              wayagamac              mercantour              chiers              tatshenshini              bidouze              calavon              canche              aubetin              alaotra              sylans              dragonja              dorlay              croche              venoge              pasquia              ivohibe              mandrare              dranse              memphremagog              approuague             

Examples of "wessonneau"
The mouth of the Wessonneau North River empties into the river Wessonneau about 10.2 km from the mouth of the latter. While the mouth of the "middle Wessonneau River" empties into the Wessonnneau North River about 5.3 km from the mouth of the latter. From the bridge of the "Rivière aux rats", a fork in the road heads west along the route of the river Wessonneau by the north shore. From the bridge, on three kilometers high mountains are bordering the north side of the road.
“Rivière aux rats” is a tributary of the Saint-Maurice River, by the west bank, and its mouth is 500 meters upstream from the road bridge of “Rivière-aux-rats”, spanning the Saint-Maurice River and one kilometer upstream from the mouth of the Wessonneau River which flows northeast. “Rivière aux rats” flows mainly in the territory of the Zec Wessonneau.
The nome of the Zec was borrowed from the Wessonneau River that crosses its territory. The name "Zec Wessonneau" was officially registered on August 5, 1982, at the Bank of place names in Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Québec)
A "poste d'accueil" (entry station) for the Zec Wessonneau is located west of the Saint-Maurice River, near the bridge of the Rivière aux Rats (La Tuque).
The name "River Wessonneau " was officially registered on December 5, 1968 in the Bank of place names in Commission de toponymie du Québec (Geographical Names Board of Québec).
The Wessonneau River flows north-east in the Mekinac Regional County Municipality in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada, on the west bank of the Saint-Maurice River. The watershed of the river is administered by:
Zec is located entirely in forest areas, has a length of 76 km oriented southwest to northeast. While its width is 48 km. Zec is enclosed between Zec Frémont (northwest), Zec du Chapeau-de-Paille (southeast) and Zec Wessonneau (east).
The entire territory is drained by the basin of Saint-Maurice, which also marks the boundary of the territory. Other rivers draining the area are the rivers Matawin, Wessonneau, Livernois and Vermillion. The area is also dotted with many lakes.
The reserve houses the proposed Valley-Tousignant Biodiversity Reserve and shares its boundary with the Zec du Chapeau-de-Paille to the southwest and the Zec Wessonneau to the north.
The Cinconcine Lake is located on the west bank of the Saint-Maurice River in the territory of La Tuque, in Mauricie, in Quebec, in Canada. The area surrounding the lake is part of the northern part of the Zec Wessonneau.
Zec is bordered to the south by Saint-Maurice Wildlife Reserve and on west by the Zec du Chapeau-de-Paille and Gros-Brochet. Zec Wessonneau covers the cantons Baril (created on December 7, 1965), Turcotte (May 7, 1868), Geoffrion (December 7, 1965) and Polette (June 2, 1899).
The name "River Wessonneau" was already in use in the nineteenth century. The origin of the name is not yet established. Wesson turns to be a surname of English origin family. This term is found in the names of several American companies, highlighting the surname of one of the founding family ou main owner.
The ZEC Wessonneau is a "zone d'exploitation contrôlée" (controlled harvesting zone) (ZEC), located on the west bank of the Saint-Maurice River, in the La Tuque (urban agglomeration), in the region the Mauricie, in Quebec (Canada). This public hunting and fishing area is managed by the "Association chasse et pêche Fléchée Inc".
The southern part of the territory of the Zec Wessonneau has a donut-shaped, comprising a center excluded from the administration of the Zec. The east-west length of the Zec is 62.3 km and a north-south height of 45.5 km. The northeastern boundary of Zec is located only 20.5 km from the Saint-Maurice River (up to the city of La Tuque).
ZEC Chapeau de Paille covers an area of . It shares its boundaries with the Zec du Gros-Brochet at the north, Zec Wessonneau in northeast, Saint-Maurice Wildlife Reserve in the east, La Mauricie National Park southeast and Mastigouche Wildlife Reserve to the south. It also enclaves Ecological Reserve Irénée-Marie.
Between Weymontachie and Trois-Rivières, the St-Maurice River has 27 tributaries identified as significant enough for downhill wood: Weymontachingue, Manouane, Little Rock, Little Flamand, Windigo, Flamand, Coucoucache, Grande Pierriche (Great Pierriche), Petite Pierriche (Little Pierriche), "La Trenche", Vermillion, Croche, Rivière-au-Lait, Bostonnais, Little Bostonnais, Small Stream, Mountain, Caribou, Rivière-aux-Rats, Wessonneau, Little Batiscan River, l'Oiseau (Bird), Bête Puante (Beast Puante), Mattawin, Mekinac, River "au Lac des Pêches" and Shawinigan River.
Cinconcine Lake has the shape of a boot with the tip pointing to the southeast towards the hamlet of "Rivière-aux-Rats (La Tuque)", located on the eastern shore of Saint-Maurice River. The lake has a length of 6.5 km and 3.2 km wide. It is located 18 km (direct line) west of La Tuque and 21 km (direct line) northwest of the hamlet "Rivière-aux-Rats". Surrounded by mountains, this is located entirely in the forest environment. Annually, the surface of the lake is frozen from November to April. On the west side, the sub-watershed is that of Deveriche River (La Tuque) and the watershed of the Wessonneau River is on South.