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Examples of "wetar"
These islands are located off the eastern end of East Timor. Wetar is the largest island in the group. To the west, the Ombai Strait separates Wetar from Alor Island, part of East Nusa Tenggara. The Wetar Strait separates Wetar from Timor to the south.
Wetar is one of the 92 officially listed outlying islands of Indonesia.
The population size on Wetar is estimated to be less than 10,000 birds and may be less than 3000. The global population size of the Wetar ground dove is estimated at 1500–7000 mature individuals, or 2500–9999 total individuals. The population is rapidly declining. Threats to the species include habitat loss and hunting. There is much habitat destruction and hunting on Timor. On Wetar, there is less hunting because of the island's inaccessibility, but forest clearance may threaten the species. Mining and road-building may also increase. The International Union for Conservation of Nature has assessed its conservation status as endangered. Protected areas in West Timor and Wetar have been proposed.
Erebus maurus is a moth of the family Erebidae. It is found in Indonesia (Wetar).
The Wetar figbird ("Sphecotheres hypoleucus") is a species of bird in the family Oriolidae. It is endemic to forest, woodland and scrub on the Indonesian island of Wetar. The Wetar figbird remains poorly known, and although threatened by habitat loss, recent population estimates are greater than originally estimated, resulting in it being now listed as Least Concern by BirdLife International and the IUCN. The Wetar figbird resembles the better known Australasian figbird, but is much smaller and the male has entirely white underparts. Formerly, it has been considered a subspecies of the green figbird, but they are now classified as two separate species.
Wetar is part of a volcanic island arc which includes the other Barat Daya Islands and the Banda Islands, created by the collision of the Indo-Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate. It is not, however, principally of volcanic origin, being instead mainly oceanic crust that has been lifted by the plate collision. The stratovolcano Gunungapi Wetar forms an isolated island to the north of Wetar.
There are a number of gold mines on Wetar, which have been poorly managed and constitute an environmental concern.
Wetarese is a language of Wetar, an island in the south Maluku, Indonesia, and of the nearby islands Liran and Atauro, the latter in East Timor north of Dili. The four principal varieties of Wetarese on Wetar are distinct enough they may be considered different languages.
Gunungapi Wetar is an isolated volcanic island to the north of Wetar island in the Banda Sea, Indonesia. The island, a stratovolcano, only extends 282 m above sea level, but the total height of the summit from the sea bed is over 5000 m. Explosions in 1512 and 1699 are the only historical eruptions of the volcano.
The Wetar ground dove ("Alopecoenas hoedtii") is a species of bird in the family Columbidae. It is found on Wetar, Indonesia and Timor. Its natural habitats are monsoon forests and gallery forests, and possibly woodland and bamboos. Threatened by habitat loss and hunting, the species is assessed as endangered by the IUCN.
The main economic activity on Wetar is subsistence agriculture, principally of sago. Tortoise shells are also gathered and exported to countries where the trade is not banned.
The people of Atauro speak four dialects of Wetarese (Rahesuk, Resuk, Raklungu, and Dadu'a), which originated on the island of Wetar in Indonesia.
The Comoro River is a river in East Timor. It flows north into the Wetar Strait, reaching the sea to the west of the capital, Dili.
Wetarese is closely related to Galoli, spoken on the north coast of East Timor and by an immigrant community on the south coast of Wetar.
Pachliopta liris is a species of butterfly from the Papilionidae family that is found on Timor, Wetar Is. and Savu Is.
Romang is an island, part of Barat Daya Islands in Indonesia, located at , east of Wetar Island. Alternate names in use are Roma, Romonu and Fataluku.
This ground dove is found in Wetar and Timor. Less than 20 birds were collected on Wetar around 1900, and there were many records in 2008 and 2009. In Timor-Leste, four or five birds were recorded near the border with Indonesia in 2005. There are records from only three localities in West Timor. It is found at elevations up to . Its habitats are monsoon forests and gallery forests, and possibly woodland and bamboos.
The Ombai Strait () is the strait which separates the Alor Archipelago from the islands of Wetar, Atauro, and Timor in the Lesser Sunda Islands. Wetar is part of the Maluku Province of Indonesia, the Alor Archipelago and the western part of Timor are part of the province of East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia, while Atauro and the eastern part of Timor comprise the nation of East Timor. The strait connects the Banda Sea in the north to the Savu Sea to the southwest.
The Wetar Strait () separates the eastern part of the island of Timor from the island of Wetar. It thus lies between the nations of Indonesia to the north and East Timor to the south. To the west is Atauro, and beyond it the Ombai Strait; while to the east is the southern part of the Banda Sea and the southernmost of the Maluku Islands. At its narrowest point, the strait is 36 km across.
The species is found in Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar; Tenasserim, extending into the Malayan subregion. In the Indonesian archipelago the butterfly occurs in north-eastern Sumatra, eastern Java, Bali, Bangka, Timor, Wetar, Kissar, Sumbawa and Sulawesi.