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weidinger              eckhard              ketterer              gerhards              kappeler              dittmann              kienle              stegemann              musiol              briegel              holzmann              schmelzer              dietmar              heidrich              stadelmann              hofer              krumeich              reichelt              pichler              kronsbein              jorg              siegl              hirche              schlag              herwig              kretzschmar              steinbauer              hellwig              dahmen              reimann              widmer              riedl              baumgart              ruedi              christmann              hansmann              bischof              hilpert              heuser              strupp              winfried              imhof              buhmann              schewe              heidemann              hansruedi              brandl              nitsche              stieger              jaenicke             

Examples of "wieser"
Matthäus Wieser (1617–1678) was a collector and songwriter of work songs, often for miners. He was sometimes known as Matthai Wieser.
Gustav "Guggi" Wieser was an Austrian footballer and coach.
Wieser is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:
The species is named in honour of Dr. Christian Wieser.
Johannes Heinrich and Mathilde divorced on 27 August 1993. Johannes Heinrich also had an illegitimate daughter named Christine Johanna Wieser (b. 29 March 1968 in Innsbruck) with Dr. Med. Edda Wieser (6. November 1940 - 16. December 1996).
Märchen der langen Nächte. Roma-Märchen. Wieser Verlag, Klagenfurt 2004 ISBN 9783851294538
Forrester had as his colleague for a time C. Robert Wieser.
On 18 August 2016, Wieser signed a three-year contract with English Championship side Reading.
The following information shows a biographical history of C.Robert Wieser made using three sources:
Six of his books were published in German by Zsolnay and Wieser:
On November 23, Jacob Wieser was named to the "2015 MVC Men's Soccer Scholar-Athlete Team".
In 1982, Aunt Lute Book Company was founded by Barb Wieser and Joan Pinkvoss in Iowa.
On March 18, 2013, Wieser was signed to a three-year contract extension by Davos.
Prior to October 2011, Wieser was Director General for Economic Policy and Financial Markets in the Ministry of Finance, Austria. In October 2011, Wieser became the full time president of the Eurogroup Working Group (EWG), an advisory body to the Eurogroup. In January 2012, Wieser started his second term as the president of the EFC of the European Union, he retain presidency of the EWG.
On November 24, Jacob Wieser was named to the "2015 CoSIDA Academic All-America Men’s Soccer First Team".
Wieser was selected to play for the Swiss national team to participate in the 2015 IIHF World Championship.
Helmut Wieser (born 11 October 1953) is an Austrian modern pentathlete. He competed at the 1980 Summer Olympics.
Sandro Wieser (born 3 February 1993 in Vaduz) is a Liechtensteiner professional footballer who currently plays for Reading.
Wieser tried to explain the relationships and social forces through the study of history, and he concluded that economic forces held a prominent role in social evolution. Despite his interest in collective goals, such as economic well-being, Wieser adopted an individual approach, explicitly rejecting collectivism, approaching a more liberal stance, and establishing the essential difference between social economics in general and Socialist Economics.
Arnold Wieser, owner of the Swiss Miss Textile Mart and Lace Factory, became a "de facto" ambassador for New Glarus. As he traveled through the Midwest peddling his embroidery and Swiss lace at festivals and fairs, Wieser actively marketed the community and its Swiss heritage.