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Baumstam is a psychedelic rock band from Witten. The Rockband was organized in 1972 by Gerd Stracke, Ulrich Klawitter, Michael Lobbe und Michael Willecke. From 1974 the Dortmunder Volker Wobbe alternated with the Bassist Michael Willecke. In 1977 the Band dissolved and
Baumstam was founded by Gerd Stracke, Ulrich Klawitter, Michael Lobbe and Michael Willecke in 1972. In the first year, the Band played all over Germany and big hall and open-air-concert. The sound of two "Heavy-Fuzz"-Guitar resounded as a barometer of the kraut rock in the German rock history. In 1975, the LP „On Tour" was produced. This LP has a cult status today among the collectors and was sold with till 400 Euro. Some of their songs are still aired today in USA and elsewhere. In 1977, the Band could not reach agreement about the record contract of Deutschen Grammophon which broke the band up.