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salisb              parvifolia              laxiflora              bracteata              albiflora              cuneata              stricta              subulata              hemsl              ciliata              microphylla              auriculata              calcarata              turcz              oblongifolia              ellipticum              pedicellata              velutina              speciosum              hookeri              chrysantha              grandifolia              brassii              spathulata              griffithii              forbesii              labill              sessiliflora              campanulata              decne              pauciflora              sericea              oliv              lancifolia              plumosa              glabrescens              micrantha              laevigata              latifolium              henryi              latifolius              wahlenbergia              calcicola              elatum              anomalum              scabrida              cuneifolia              squarrosa              radlk              grewia             

Examples of "wilsonii"
"Iris forrestii" is similar in form to the smaller "Iris wilsonii".
"Iris wilsonii" is pronounced as "EYE-ris WIL-son-ee-eye".
The species was first formally described in 1988 and named "Phebalium wilsonii"
Rare species associated with the community include "Hymenophyllum wilsonii" and a number of oceanic bryophytes.
Picea wilsonii is a species of conifer in the Pinaceae family.
Iris wilsonii crosses include; 'Blue Wilson'; 'Cleeton Moon'; 'Cleeton Starburst'; 'Meta'; 'Zeta'
"B. davidii" var. "wilsonii" is rare in cultivation, and not known to remain in commerce.
The Rare species "Hymenophyllum wilsonii" is known to be associated with the community.
The larvae feed on "Cassia fistula", "Pongamia pinnata", "Cryptocarya hypospodia", "Lagerstroemia speciosa", "Syzygium wilsonii", "Cupaniopsis anacardioides" and "Brachychiton acerifolium".
Algae ("Nitella flexilis") and ferns ("Hymenophyllum wilsonii", "Phegopteris connectilis", "Polystichum aculeatum" and "Dryopteris aemula") are also common.
Ensete glaucum, the Snow Banana, has also been classified as "Musa nepalensis", "Ensete giganteum", or "Ensete wilsonii".
Dimorphandra wilsonii (Common name: Faveiro de Wilson) is a tree species of legume of the Fabaceae family.
Aethecerinus wilsonii is a species of beetle in the Cerambycidae family. It was described by Horn in 1860.
Menegazzia wilsonii is a species of lichen found in South America. It was first described to science as "Anzia wilsonii" by Veli Johannes Paavo Bartholomeus Räsänen in 1944, transferred to the genus "Pannoparmelia" in 1978, and finally transferred to "Menegazzia" in 2005.
The larvae feed on "Picea asperata", "Picea purpurea" and "Picea wilsonii". The larvae have a cream-yellow body and dark brown head.
"Iris wilsonii" is known to be more vigorous in growth than "Iris forrestii" (the other yellow flowering iris) within the sibirica series.
Populus lasiocarpa, commonly called the Chinese necklace poplar, is a species of poplar native to humid forests of China. It is closely related to "Populus wilsonii", Wilson's poplar.
Calyptranthes wilsonii is a species of plant in the Myrtaceae family. It is endemic to Jamaica. It is threatened by habitat loss.
Michelia wilsonii is a species of plant in the Magnoliaceae family. It is endemic to China. It is threatened by habitat loss.
"Iris wilsonii" will tolerate temperatures of up to – 15 degrees C. But may survive lower if protected or well mulched in winter.