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Examples of "windsurf"
In 2010, Araruama hosted the Rio Worlds Windsurf Championship.
Competitions shaded grey were not counted as windsurf world cup.
The Schalkenmehrener Maar is a popular bathing lake on which one may also windsurf.
Windsurfing Clip Harness Lines "Moudled and flexible Plastic lines", Next generation of more reliable windsurf harness lines
Turia Vogel (born September 1, 1969) is a sailor who competes for the Cook Islands in windsurf events
Miro Sailing and Windsurfing Academy offers courses on dinghies, sailboats, windsurf, kayak and SUP for all ages and all levels.
He won the Gold Medal at the 1990 Windsurf World Championship Division II Lightweight, in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Diving activities are available, allowing for nice coral viewing and encounters with large turtles and rays. Several windsurf boards and sails are provided at the "Windsurf hut" on the north shore. The shallow protected lagoon there allows for easy windsurfing on a flat surface, and is especially favourable during the northern monsoon season (November to May), when the wind blows onshore.
Through the years and thanks to the curiosity and the study of windsurf and kitesurf experts, it was discovered that conditions at this spot were excellent also for the practice of these last two sports, and moreover, that during the months of February and March unique conditions of waves and wind took place thus allowing the simultaneous practice of Surf, Windsurf and Kitesurf.
Camp Warren's boating program consists mainly of windsurfing and kayaking. The boathouse is home to over 15 windsurf boards and 10 kayaks. A popular boating activity includes paddling around on windsurf boards without sails and jumping off of them. Camp Warren gives its kayakers ranks: Yak, Yakity Yak, Yakity Yak Don't Talk Back, and Jedi Knight.
Galatasaray Sailing Team is the men's and women's sailing section of Galatasaray S.K., a major sports club in Istanbul, Turkey. There are optimist, finn, Laser Radial, Laser Standard, Mistral, Laser M and windsurf teams. In 2011, Galatasaray Windsurf Team won Turkish Windsurfing Championship Cup.
In 2012, IDC Herzliya won first place for women’s basketball, first place for men’s beach volleyball, first place men and women’s windsurf and second place for debate.
Different types of kitesurf and windsurf contests take place in this lake during the whole year, where people from different countries also participate.
In 2004 he moved to Bariloche in the Argentinean Patagonia where he enjoys practicing alpine ski, backcountry ski, windsurf, kayak paddling, climbing and hiking.
The film features hoverboards (like windsurf boards) and a dog with an electronic muzzle (that prevents it from biting but allows it to bark).
Windsurfing is very popular on Lacul Morii. There are windsurf courses on the lake, but water-ski, skijet and other water sports are also popular.
BVSC hosted a number of inland open meetings each year including events for Solos, Phantoms, Comets, Laser 2000s, Laser Vagos, Wanderers, Flying Fifteens and the London Windsurf Association.
The Aloha Classic is a yearly windsurfing competition at Ho'okipa Beach Park on the north shore of Maui, Hawaii, United States. Often it is part of the PWA Windsurf World Cup tour and of the American Windsurfing Tour (AWT).
Visitors to Caneel Bay can also scuba dive, windsurf, sea kayak, sail, play tennis or get a massage. Many national park trails can be accessed from the resort and are available for hiking.
He is competing: slalom, freestyle wave. He won Shimuni extreme 2010 and Canarian slalom tour 2011. He achieved to windsurf at Cape Horn, South America and holds national windsurfing record in speed windsurfing (71 km/h).