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Examples of "windsurfing"
In 2006 Tūtāns ended formula windsurfing career and went into the extreme windsurfing class wave racing.
Windsurfing in the Philippines is governed by the Philippine Windsurfing Association, led by Immanuel Cabili.
Although largely residential, Hayling is also a holiday, windsurfing and sailing centre, the site where windsurfing was invented.
Home to the Brogborough Windsurfing Club, the lake is solely dedicated to Windsurfing and Stand up paddle surfing.
Krišjānis Tūtāns has been sailing with the sail number “Lat 168” since 1995 and he participates in competitions as a member of team Tūtāns also takes part in the social life of windsurfing: he is a member of Latvia's Windsurfing Association, Windsurfing Club 360°, and he blogs regularly about Latvia's windsurfing event.s
Alaçatı is nominated by numerous windsurfing magazines as the best spot for beginners to learn windsurfing due to having a shallow bay that allows windsurfers that fell to restart windsurfing by hopping on the board from the kilometres long human height depth under the sea. Alaçatı bay which is known as one of the world's leading windsurfing bays with continuous wind throughout the year. Alaçatı windsurf schools meet the international standards by offering material for canoeing, kitesurfing, sup and windsurfing. Alaçatı recently has made a name for hosting international surfing championships and tournaments and world's most known windsurfing tournament PWA.
The area is well known as a windsurfing venue, and in January each year the prestigious Ledge Point to Lancelin Windsurfing Classic draws competitors from around the world.
Paia is located close to many internationally known windsurfing spots including Ho'okipa and Spreckelsville. It is therefore sometimes called "The World Capital of Windsurfing".
Because the Maestral wind is common in summer time, Viganj is a tourist resort known for its windsurfing opportunities. Windsurfing competitions are regularly held in Viganj.
Diving, surfing, windsurfing, kitesurfing are popular in its beaches. Santa Maria and Sal Rei have the most popular surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing dominance in the nation.
Activities include windsurfing, canoeing and jet skiing.
In windsurfing competitions, there are the following disciplines:
Both windsurfing and kiteboarding are experimenting with new formats.
Her other sporting interests included figure skating and windsurfing.
Windsurfing is predominately undertaken on a non-competitive basis. Organised competition does take place at all levels across the world, including in the Olympics. Typical formats for competitive windsurfing include Formula Windsurfing, speed sailing, slalom, course racing, wave sailing, superX, and freestyle.
Sporting activities are also very important in the area, with its windsurfing and scuba diving recognized as "world class". One round of the annual Professional Windsurfers Association (PWA) windsurfing tour is held at the international windsurfing centre at Pozo Izquierdo every year, and the whole of the coast in this area can provide challenging conditions at any time of the year.
Land windsurfing is an all-season sport and is often used by traditional windsurfers for training during winter months when waters become frigid. Advanced land windsurfing riders are able to perform technical freestyle tricks similarly seen in other extreme sports such as windsurfing, skateboarding and snowboarding.
Guy Cribb (born 1970) is a windsurfer and windsurfing trainer.
Recreational activities include bird watching, sailing, windsurfing and hiking.