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wirelesshart              canopen              wihd              basetx              lldp              spacewire              tspec              unipro              profinet              nwk              lltd              wirelesshd              wusb              ttethernet              clnp              rmcp              lwapp              bnep              hdbaset              bacnet              wimedia              dcbx              ipoib              gvrp              rndis              eapol              bpdus              lowpan              bpdu              cwusb              capwap              synce              nhci              superspeed              wlccp              rfcomm              lonworks              zwave              mboa              sstp              ntcip              thewireless              etherip              macsec              rapidio              powerlink              irsimple              foxcomm              cfmpdus              profisafe             

Examples of "winet"
6. Moustafa Youseff and Ashok Agrawala, “The Horus Location Determination System,” Journal of Wireless Networks (WINET), 2007.
The WiMedia Network (formerly WiNET) is a protocol adaptation layer that builds on the WiMedia UWB common radio platform to augment the convergence platform with TCP/IP services.
In 1955 Patrick Suppes and Muriel Winet solved the issue of the representability of preferences by a cardinal utility function, and derived the set of axioms and primitive characteristics required for this utility index to work.
Pujolle is the French representative at the Technical Committee on Networking at IFIP. He is an editor for ACM International Journal of Network Management, Telecommunication Systems, and Editor in Chief of Annals of Telecommunications. He was an editor for Computer Networks, Operations Research, Editor-In-Chief of Networking and Information Systems Journal, WINET, Ad Hoc Journal and several other journals.
He is a former editor for "IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking" (1996–2001), "Kluwer Journal of Cluster Computing" (1997–2001), "ACM-Springer Journal for Multimedia Systems" (1995–2002), for "IEEE Transactions on Computers" (1992–1996) as well as for "ACM-Springer Journal of Wireless Networks" (WINET) (1995–2005).
Dr. Chlamtac is the founding Editor in Chief of the ACM/Springer Wireless Networks (WINET), the ACM/Springer Journal on Special Topics in Mobile Networks and Applications (MONET). He served as EiC of the "SPIE Optical Magazine" and was on the editorial boards and advisory boards of "IEEE Transactions on Communications", "Computer Networks and ISDN Systems", "High Speed Networks Journal", "Telecommunication Systems", the "Photonic Network Communications Journal" and the "Journal of Graph Algorithms and Applications".