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Examples of "winnacott"
There are ten parks and reserves located in Willagee: Arthur Kay Reserve, Harmony Park, Harry Bailey Park, Joan Williams Park, Roy Neal Reserve, Tony Zevela Park, Walter West Reserve, Webber Reserve, William Reynolds Reserve and Winnacott Reserve. The largest of these are Webber Reserve and Winnacott Reserve, which are both used by local sporting clubs, including the Willagee Bears Rugby League Football Club and the Winnacott Kats Junior Football Club.
Much of the suburb's facilities are centred along two main thoroughfares: Winnacott Street, running north-south, and Archibald Street, running east-west. A large precinct, consisting of a library, community centre, an IGA, post office and various other stores, is located at the junction of these two roads. A smaller shopping centre, Willagee Supermarket, is located at the intersection of Leach Highway and Stock Road, in the north-west corner of the suburb.
Lucas, the son of Jack Lucas who played for the Sydney Swans in the 1980s, played during his junior years at Trinity College in Western Australia and played most of his club football for Melville Hawks Junior Football Club, with a few years at Winnacott Junior Football Club, before playing Colts and senior football with the East Fremantle Football Club, playing twelve senior games during 2009 as a 17/18 year old. He represented Western Australia in its victorious 2009 AFL National Under 18 Championship campaign, earning a position as half-forward flank in the 2009 AFL Under 18s All Australian team. He nominated for the 2009 AFL National Draft, and was recruited by the Carlton Football Club with its first round selection at number 12 overall.